why are my red rumps biting each other

by sameera
(south africa)

hi, i have a whole lot of red rumps males and females in an aviary, they are biting each other to death, i would like to know what is causing such behaviour? thanx in advance

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Oct 31, 2011
Too many pairs
by: Lisa

It is true that you may have too many pairs living with each other. Red Rumps become very aggressive during the breeding season, and will attack and kill other red rumps. It is recommended to have a single pair of red rumps per flight or flight cage, so unfortunately you may need to sell some of your birds or at least you must separate each pair into their own flight/aviary or flight cage.

Oct 27, 2011
if i wanted to kill my birds, they all would be dead
by: s

sorry i did not intend for them to kill each other. and if it was not bothering me i would have not asked your advise, i definately did not need a lecture from you. i am not killing my birds, i thought you were a forum to help people in distress, but no thanx for your comments!!!!

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Oct 19, 2011
why are my red rumps biting each other
by: Linda

They are over crowded and when birds become over crowded they kill each other just like humans and other animals do when there is too little space.

You said you "have a whole lot" of them and did not state how large your aviary is. It must be very, very large for a whole lot of them. Somewhere in the range of 16-20 feet by 16-20 feet or much more depending on how many pairs you have. You cannot just keep putting birds together without first thinking of whether they will have the correct kind of space and they just kill each other and will continue to do so until you move them a pair at a time into their own breeding cage. If you have them in the house, you'll need a breeding cage per pair of birds. If they are outside in an aviary, then you either need to make it the biggest one you can think of or build smaller ones to house one maybe two pair. All pairs need their own feeding and watering bowls and nestboxes cannot be right next to each other as they'll also kill the babies.


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