why did my conure die?

Any ideas on why my 8 year old jenday conure died so suddenly? We adopted him 3 years ago and he had been healthy this whole time. I am home all day every day so I know nothing happened and he is/was potty trained so i saw that all his poo was normal.

He had been eating normally and talking as normal and preening himself and me. No puffy feathers either. My husband went to put him in his house and he went weak and started gasping for air, then went completely limp and was not breathing, we tryed for an hr to revive him (yes CPR and mouth to beak) we are soooo sooo heart broken, we thought he would live along time, we took very good care of him, all organic fruit and veggies and no smoking and I changed the cleaning products I used to use to lemon juice and vinigar and non toxic stuff. Why did he die? He was only 8, I need some theorys please help
Thanks sara

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Oct 23, 2012
why did my conure die?
by: Linda

As everyone else said, without a necropsy there is no way of telling what happened.

Rescue birds are always a risk because though we know they were neglected and possibly abused, we never know the full extent of how long and how much. Eating an all seed diet, if they are lucky to get anything, can cause older birds to die of liver failure. All seed diets are death sentences to all parrots. The ones who don't even get that usually die before a rescue group can take them.

So, my compliments on your character for adopting a rescue in the first place. What happened to him sounds like a heart attack or stroke. CPR is dangerous to give to a bird because you cannot do the usual chest compressions without breaking their ribs which can stab the heart or lungs. Oxygen given by an avian vet is the only way for that to work. You tried though, and you are amazing for so many reasons.

Do not be afraid to take in another rescue. See if you can get a more complete history or as complete as you can get. Also make sure to change them over to the organic pellets with Harrison's being the best and avian vet endorsed. It takes time to make this change and a full exam by an avian vet is required before starting the changeover because dietary changes, taming and training are all stressful and sick birds or marginally healthy birds will have problems in those areas.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

We are so very sorry for your loss, and know with all your heart that this bird finally received the love, care and respect he deserved from you.All of them deserve much more than they sometimes get which breaks my heart all to pieces thinking of all the neglect and abuse these innocent angels have to suffer through. Some, like yours, are lucky to find a loving home somewhere along the line and most do not.


Oct 23, 2012
thanks all
by: Anonymous

I would love to get a necropsy, but he has been creamated already and I'm afraid I would find it was something we did or could have prevented. Also we adopted him from a bird rescue and he had been neglected and abused, he had a toe that had been pulled through his band so he had three toes in front and one in back. So we really don't know exactly what he had been through. Maybe his heart or lungs did fail from all the stress he went through before coming to us. At least he got a second chance and found his forever home even though it wasn't that long. Thank you for your condolences I miss my little Bogey birdie boy
What's up, what's up was his fav words!

Oct 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

Sorry to hear about your love one. Its always hard to say. No one ever knows why we can go so quickly. As in humans too. Enjoy the moments, the memory stays forever. with many hugs....

Oct 22, 2012
Why did conure die?
by: Tracie

I am very sorry for your loss! It certainly sounds like you did your very best to have a safe environment.

The only way to know what caused your bird to die would be to take him in for a necropsy. Your bird may have died from heart failure, stroke or any number of things.

Again, I am very sorry you lost your dear friend. ((hugs))

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