why did my lori die

by Gina
(New Zealand)

Hi there, We were given a lorikeet which our friends had had for over 15 years, but even then they were unsure of age,i came home today to find him hanging upside down on his swing dead......
Do you think he died in his sleep of old age or did i do something to kill him,he was fine the day earlier.

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Jul 07, 2011
why did my lori die
by: Linda

If you did not have a necropsy done, there is no way to tell. The other thing is it actually sounds like he got caught on something on the swing, could not get free and died of heart attack trying to get free. Very unusual for a bird to be found dead and still holding onto something since all muscles relax at the point of death.

If you did not know how to care for a Lori as in exactly what to feed and how much or you have some toxin in your home, then yes you could have accidently killed your bird. Most likely he was already sick.

All room deoderizers whether plug in, candles or sprays are toxic for birds and other pets. I know they always show a dog or cat in the commercials, and this is to get people to buy since they don't care about you or your pets anyway.

Without a necropsy which has to be done while body is fresh or it has been refrigerated for a short time, there is no way to know what actually killed the bird.

Before getting any other birds, please learn what you can and cannot have and use in your home with birds around. There are many toxins we take for granted like bleach, ammonia, pine-sol and other grocery store cleaners all of which are normally toxic to birds. Focus, carried here is safe for birds and can be used all over the home for safe cleaning. It cannot be sprayed on birds or near them if they are in cages, but it can be used to clean perches, toys and cage wire and bars and floor.

There are many things to be learned before getting a bird, and it is an ongoing process as well.

Thanks for writing,

PS bird could have already been sick, and previous owners failed to tell you this, so don't beat yourself up too much over this. If you get another bird, have it examined by an Avian Vet within the first few days to make sure it is not harboring an infection.

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