why did my parrot die?

by joanne

hi had my parrot for 11 days it was a baby blue quaker and today it died have u any idea why?

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Oct 05, 2011
New parrot died
by: Tracie

I am so sorry for your loss. It is possible that the bird was sick when you brought it home. If the breeder did not give you a certificate of health, proving that they took the bird to an avian vet before selling it to you, then you have no way of knowing if the bird has a disease or illness.

You can take your bird to an avian vet for a necropsy to find out if it was a disease or illness. I suggest that you only purchase from breeders or stores that have taken the bird to an avian vet. Also, don't purchase a bird that was JUST weaned. Make sure they have been eating on their own for a week or two and then be ready to take the bird back right away if it reverts back to wanting to be hand fed.

Another reason for parrot deaths is toxic fumes and toxic items in the home. Cooking with Teflon, ironing with a Teflon coated iron, air fresheners and numerous other items are toxic to birds. If your bird was allowed to fly or explore your home, it may have chewed something toxic.

Please review our Toxic / Non-toxic for birds list and clean anything the bird used before bringing another bird home.

Again, I am so sorry your bird died.

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