why does macaw stand on wings?

by mercades

why does my macaw always stand on his wings?

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Jun 01, 2013
Arthur mom
by: paige

I wouldn't worry I have a 33 year old blue/gold macaw named Arthur. He Does some of the most absolutely bizarre things. He also stands on his wing. His vet has checked him over time and time again and has determined that he just like to do this. it is similar to us cracking a knuckle. He is just getting the kinks out.

Apr 29, 2013
My macaw stands on her wings too
by: CMVuyovich

Hi, my 29 yr old macaw also stands on her wing. I am going to be making her vet appt soon, but her wings don't droop, or sag or anything. It's almost as if she's stretching her wing out when she does it. But she makes weird noises when she does it. So I have a bit of concern as to why she does it. As I said, she flaps her wings a lot, exercising them at the top of her cage, no sagging or dropping...just on occasion she stands on them for a minute or two. I have found nothing online about this and have talked to my avian vet, who also has never heard of this before. She does pluck her feathers on her belly...and I have tried to do what I can for that as well. She is on a pellet diet, fresh fruit and veggies daily and since I don't work, we spend a lot of time together, so she isn't neglected. I just don't know what else to do.

Dec 23, 2011
Macaw and his wings
by: Deb Tindall

My green wing macaw will stretch a wing out, lift it over his head and bend it so it covers his face and he peers through it while he uses a foot to scratch/knead his head or neck. He also will stretch it out, grab it with his opposite foot and pull it and it seems like he is standing on it. He does this when he is preening or prepping for a nap. It seems to be a play, stretching or maybe a comforting exercise for him because if I ask him what he is doing he will straighten it out and fluff and shake back to normal. There isn't any pain involved and his wings sit normally when he isn't contorting them.

If your bird's wings are not hanging or sitting as they should at a normal standing posture, I would be concerned about an injury of some sort and get him to a bird vet immediately. If it is something he does because he enjoys the feel of it and doesn't have any pain involved, it may be just something he likes to do.

My suggestion for you is to always have them checked for physical or medical problems first, then try to figure out if it is mental or just normal behavior for that bird. All three of my birds have different personalities and quirks that make them special. They all rest, relax, play and interact with me differently. If you are interacting with your bird regularly you know which actions are normal to that bird - even if they are "odd". Birds do not usually show visible signs they are ill or hurt until it is too late to really help them - a natural inclination for a prey animal is to not show weakness or illness or you will get picked off by a predator - so it is paramount that you interact with your bird A LOT so you know what is normal behavior for that bird. If I have been extremely busy and not paid as much attention to each one as I usually do - they will let me know by their appearance and behavior that things are not right. My gray will start picking at her chest feathers, my amazon will get even louder than normal and my macaw will become extremely noisy and irritable and try to bite me through the cage to show he is upset with the lack of attention.

Dec 22, 2011
Macaw standing on wings
by: Anonymous

Typically if a bird is sick, or ill, their wings may droop. If his wings are drooping, they're prolly getting in his way when tries to move about. Thus he ends up standing on them. I would strongly suggest a vet in his case. As this is not normal.

If he fell in his cage while you where out, his wings might have been dmg'd as well. Birds have hallow bones, so they are delicate pets. Please have him checked immediately.

Dec 22, 2011
Bird standing on wings
by: Tracie

There must be something wrong with your bird, please Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird in person. I don't even see how a bird could stand on it's wings.

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