why does my B&G macaw act crazy when my girlfriend comes around?

When ever my girlfriend comes to visit me my B&G macaw gets extremely agressive with me. He bites me hard enough to draw blood. I must keep him caged when she is around......any idea why?


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Jun 12, 2012
more info
by: jason

My girl comes around on the weekends, soon as she walks in the door, he starts acting up, even out side of his cage. He seems to be friendly with her, feathers are down, but the second I get around him, he fluffs up, dips his head, and opens his mouth in a threatening manner. I will have her change some things like her hair style and cosmetics. thanks, I will give it a try. We get along great about an hour after she leaves, but I don't dare touch him when she's around. I've tried and have the scars to prove it~!

Jun 11, 2012
Aggressive B&G
by: Anonymous

You didn't say how long your girlfriend has been around your bird. It could be a number of things that he doesn't like. It could be her hairstyle, her clothing (mine HATES a certain shirt I wear) or it could be her perfume. He could also be mad because he's caged whenever she's around and he's jealous. It takes time for a bird to warm up to people that aren't around all the time. Make sure your girl talks to your bird a little every day. Try not caging him when she's there and see what happens. There are some good articles on this blog about parrot training as well. Parrot Training page

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