why does my cag pull a big feather then scratch herselfI

by Roy Nicholls

My African grey pulls a large feather then sits there for about 30 minutes scratching herself any ideas why

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Nov 14, 2012
Feather pull/scratch
by: Robin

I think your bird is moulting. If he doesn't take baths regularly, try misting as was suggested earlier. My bird loves the misting and settles down quite nicely afterwards.

Nov 13, 2012
Cag feather pulling & scratching
by: Anonymous

Sounds as tho' your bird is still molting.
It may have been a feather that was previously lose, and the bird removed it so another could grow in.

The scratching, well... When the pin feathers come in, they look like spikes, but it's actually the feather cased in caratine. As the pin feather breaks thru the skin, the skin becomes irratated, itchy. The bird scratches to help it break thru, and to help remove the caratine casing around the feather once it's thru the skin.

I can pet my bird, and feathers fall out. But I know my bird is still molting bc I can feel the pin feathers when I pet her. I give my bird sunshine factor to help prevent the skin from drying, and to ensure healthy feathers grow in. (prescibed by my vet, even tho it can be purchased over the counter for $10).

I would suggest, that you take your bird in to an avian vet to ensure it's healthy. Make sure there's nothing more going on than a natural molt. Then ask for a bottle of sunshine factor vitamins. The vet will also give you an oral syrgine and the exact amount to give daily for your bird's weight.

Molting is stressful on your bird. And they will itch and pick during this.

But as I am not a vet, and the vet who runs this site cannot examine your bird first hand, it's best to take him in to one for an exam.

(sometimes misting the bird 6 in from above can help relieve itching. Also a warm mist humidifier will also help)

I also buy "African grey bath spray", another good one is called "Soother". They reduce molt stress, moisturize the skin, helps relieve scratching. They are conditioners and natural oils, with aloe. Good stuff.

However, I still recommend an avian vet exam your bird.


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