Why does my Macaw watch me?

by Valerie Bowen

Why does my Macaw watch me all the time? He/She is very affectionate and loving and wants to be on my arm all the time why.

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Nov 05, 2012
Why does my Macaw watch me?
by: Linda

Your bird likes and trusts you.

Birds are prey animals, and they watch everything and everyone all the time unless they are sleeping at night and even then, they have good hearing as well as eyesight so will hear anything out of the ordinary. Birds have very sharp eyesight and can see things clearly up to and possibly over 200 feet away. They see color too which helps them know what something is before it gets too close. Your bird is an exotic wild animal meaning parrots are not domesticated like chickens and will always have a part of them that is wild and unpredictable. Enjoy this about your bird as it is an honor to be loved and trusted by one of these wonderful creatures.

It would be a good idea for you to do some study about parrots' behavior which would tell you much about why your bird does what he does.Parrots have roughly the emotional/mental development of 4-5 year old human children, so you are dealing with a superior intelligence which misses little about their environment. They watch and learn. If they are being taught good things, they will be good. If they are being taught negative or bad things, they will be bad. They are what we make of them and are gentle, innocent on all levels until a human ruins them. Always keep this in mind when people are around your bird. Never allow them to tease him because he will bite and bite very hard if he feels fearful about anything and anyone. Each time a human does something negative to a bird, they always remember this, and they lose some of the precious trust we've worked so hard for. Protect your bird from anything that could be harmful to him because you are his Guardian Angel.

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