why does my quaker parrot loose it balance sometime?

My Quaker parrot had a case of fatty liver and it was chewing at it legs to which it bleed. We got it after two days to biting at it scars and pulling it's feathers out. Now sometimes our Quaker parrot falls asleep on it stick holding it's cage. Sometime it will fall to the bottom of it's cage when it climbs but, it gets back up light nothing happen. It will grab the cage by it's stick and just sit there falling asleep holding it's cage. It eats fine with it's pellots and seeds. Is there something I can give it so it won't act so scared and let go of it's cage.

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May 25, 2011
why does my quaker parrot loose it balance sometime?
by: Linda

Your bird is very sick and needs to be diagnosed and treated by an Avian Vet, so please find one and take bird to them. Though bird's livers can heal from fatty liver disease, if it is too bad a case, they will need the correct treatment plan and food to get better if they can at all. This requires the expertise of a trained and licensed avian vet and can either be long term or short term. Your bird will die in its present state, and so you must do the right thing by your bird as he trusts you with his life.

If you are not feeding high quality organic pellets, then start to make the change. Seeds are not good nutrition, and it is best for parrots to be weaned off them and onto the organic pellets. Harrison's is the best and has no sugars, pesticide/fertilizer residue, dyes or preservatives in it. It is made in a way that leaves in almost 100% of vitamins, minerals and high quality proteins. It is Avian Vet endorsed, and here is a link about making the change from poor quality pellets and/or seeds to high quality pelleted diet:

Switching Birds to Pellets article

So, you need to have your bird throughly checked out by an avian vet and this will include blood work to see how his liver, kidneys and thyroid are functioning. Only an avian vet can properly diagnose and treat birds, and never give over the counter remedies or meds coming from pet shops because until you know everything that is going on, condition cannot be treated.

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