Why does my Quaker whisper?

by Isabel
(Medford, Ma)

Hi, I have a wonderful Quaker named Kiwi, not sure of her exact age but we were told when we brought her she was 13wks, so less then 1yr.
Kiwi is very vocal, mimics many sound very loud and proud. Also say's the word Step up very clear and out loud.

Kiwi has learned many other words, but will only whisper them to me. i.e, if I tell her she is pretty, she will repeat the word pretty 3 or 4 times but in a whisper. It is adorable and I am ok if that is the only way she wants to be herd. But I am curious to know if there is a reason she does it.

I should also mention I have a Sun conure Petey, he is about 1 1/2yr, he also has a small vocab. but very few words are clear, he pretty much sounds like he has a lisp, very cute.

Could Kiwi's whisper have anything to do with the fact that Petey other then Step up and love you is un clear and not easy to understand. Does she think birds should not be herd??? crazy question but thought I should ask.

thank you

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Jan 01, 2010
Whispering Quaker
by: Anonymous

Miss Elmo likes to sit on my shoulder and whisper. She doesn't say words but just little whispering sounds. If I ask her to tell me a secret she will over to my ear and whisper in to my ear! I think they know it is cute. And Miss Elmo will do squeaky beak when she is content. All cute stuff. Remember Quakers are at about the intellectual level of a 3 yr old. So, they do lots of cute things. And your birds sound adorable!

Nov 17, 2009
Why does my Quaker whisper?
by: Linda

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR A GREAT LAUGH!!! Your birds ARE adorable, and you are also adorable!

The whispering is okay and probably does not mean anything. She thinks it is cute, and if you think about it, don't you have to get really close to her to hear her? She's bringing you over close so you can try and hear her lovely little whisper. Parrots are very intelligent and learn how to manipulate people quickly. Please keep allowing her to do this one.

As for the male with lisp, what a doll he is. My Amazon male, Eli also has a lisp AND a large vocabulary. He also whispers some words, and has me come over to cage so I can hear him. Course he tries to bite me, and that is ANOTHER story.

You have a couple of wonderful birds, and you have given us all a wonderful, funny read.

Next time, tell us more stories and post a pix of the two little cuties when you can.


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