Why does the other bird do this?

by Christina

Hello, how are you going? I live in Australia and one of the pigeons who comes to our backyard every day only has one leg. And even that one leg that he has has half the toes on it missing. But he sure is happy! He has his main headquarters up on the window sill outside and he sunbakes all day. Twice a day I feed all the pigeons who visit our backyard every day and he flies down and eats out of my hand. I bought him a special low bowl so he can drink his water out of that, while the other birds have a bigger bowl right next to his. He knows that is hos bowl and he loves it. He flies very well and strongly, and every evening he flies off home with all the other birds.

I first met him when he had string wrapped around his legs and cutting into them and his leg was black and almost fallen off and then his leg fell off, poor thing. I saw him in the yard and I tried to get him to help him but he wouldnt let me he kept flying away. I couldn't even catch him to take him to an avian vet. But after a while I think that even he could see that I had to help him, and so then he let me. I very carefully unwrapped the string that was left on his legs, and every day I made a gentle mix of pure lavender oil as it is antiseptic, and warm water and I bathed both his legs in it. Pretty soon, his legs were healed and now is is healthy and cheeky and he even runs around the yard all day on his little stumpy thing. He is so cute!

He knows he is special and none of the other birds pick on him because if they do they
get a small smack on the bum and then they stop it. So that was about 5 years ago that I put that antiseptic on his legs and he has been here and healthy ever since and he loves his food and his water and he loves playing and pecking around and having a bath just like the other birds. In fact you cant even tell that he is disabled unless you saw that he only has one leg.

So, my probelm is that my lovely bird has just found a new boyfriend (or a girlfriend, as I don't know what sex mine is, I just call him he but I really don't know) The other bird has one toe missing so they must have struck up a converstion over that! Anyway, they sit together in the windowsill together all day now sunbaking together very happily and I see them cuddling up and preening each other. The probelm is that sometimes I see the other bird chasing my one legged bird and biting it. He does it a few times a week and it really upstes me. My bird will try to run off on his stumpy stump and he limps off and the other bird chases him and bites him hard. I alway smack the other bird and get my bird and put him on my lap to eat out of my hand. But then the next day I will see them both in the window sill together, cuddling up. I am so confused.

What is going on do you think, and what should I do? I felt sorry for the other bird because he looked at me sadly when I smacked him. I only smacked him lightly to let him know it was wrong but he looked sad and then I said sorry to him.

Thanks heaps for your time, I do appreciate it a lot :-)

Kind Regards from Christina :-)

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Nov 24, 2010
Thanks heaps :-)
by: Christina

Hello, and thank you so very much for your answer, I really appreciate it :-) I do love writing, maybe I should look into doing a course. Thanks heaps for that :-)

Today the 2 lovers are friends again so I will do what you said and make sure that it just stays as friendly lovers tiffs, and nothing more serious or violent. Thanks heaps for your time, I do appreciate it a lot :-) Kindest Regards, from Christina

Nov 20, 2010
Why does the other bird do this?
by: Linda

Hello Christina and Hello Australia!!!

Your story is quite a little tale, and I very much enjoyed reading it. You probably should try a few writing courses and see how that goes for you because you have a way with words.

As for the bird who is tormenting your little one legged beauty, I'd not worry so much. It may be that it wants your bird to come with it and make more little Pigeon babies. All birds are fairly wild all their lives, even tame parrots are nothing more than exotic wild animals, so allow this to play out. Unless you are seeing blood come from these encounters, you are mostly seeing them acting out some kind of breeding display.

It was so wonderful how you took care of your bird when he had the string wrapped around legs, and afterwards. He would not have lost leg if he had found you sooner. You are a very good example of how all of us need to be with our pet birds as well as those who live outside. We are here to take care of birds and animals not to hurt or kill them. I'm very proud of you and know your birds love you very much, so keep up the good work. If the other bird starts really hurting your bird, you may have to ask someone in an animal control capacity to help you capture it so it can be moved to another location. If it is not actually making marks or drawing blood, the two of them will work things out. Maybe new bird is jealous of all the attention you give your one-legged buddy, so give him a dish of his own too and see if he doesn't come around to your way of thinking. Make a bit of a fuss over him, and your problem may be solved in no time.

Many thanks for a heart warming, Spirit lifting letter, and write back later to let us know what is going on at Christina's Place.


Nov 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

I am sorry i dont really have a proper answer for you. but i can aware "smacking" even if its a faint, is the worst thing you can do. YOu never ever wanna hit a bird, they will remember it forever.

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