Why I chose and am happy with my dusky conure

by Jake
(Corona, CA)

Almost a year ago I decided to get a conure after seeing one doing flips and trying to get my attention in a pet store. He seemed so intelligent and had so much more personality than a typical parrot, it seemed to me. It was the only bird the store had in stock and I wrote down "conure" so I could find it at a bird farm in the same city.

I looked online and found myself surprised I did not know conures existed, being that there are many different kinds. I decided on a sun conure because of how interesting their descriptions were. Upon arriving at the bird farm, I was hooked on nearly every kind of conure and wanted to buy one almost immediately. Workers showed me a few hand-raised sun conures, which I liked very much, but I was more interested in the personalities of the green cheeks and blue crowns.

I spent a couple hours that first day getting to know several birds and asking an employee all kinds of ridiculous questions (the poor woman was probably out of breath after trying to answer them all). I had basically decided on getting a green cheek conure but decided to think about it for a week. On my second visit I asked to see some young green cheeks from the nursery so I could decide which to bring home. It wasn't until this visit that an employee introduced me to a dusky conure (wendell's conure). From the moment this little two month old stepped on my finger, I knew this was the right bird for me. I spent two or three minutes talking to him and preening his neck before they asked he be put back in his cage with his sibling. They were both hatched on 6/14/2010.

I told that employee I wanted him in a different cage because I was going to bring him home the first day I could. She tried to propose that I look at different duskies to find the perfect fit but I insisted I wanted this little guy. He was calm and unafraid, willing to beg to be pet and they told me his noise level was low. Duskies are very beautiful birds, not in the same way sun conures or jendays are beautiful, but duskies just seem majestic in a way.

I brought that same bird home two weeks later and have not regretted it for a second. I name him Ludwig. There were a few minor issues to work through but I did my research and besides doing the important things like fresh veggies in the morning and showers daily, I found the morning screams went away after I put him to bed earlier. I found that giving him 12+ hours of nightly sleep, he is much happier and less grumpy during the day.

Ludwig loves to hang out on my shoulder while I do laundry or read the paper. He was pretty jealous of my girlfriend and any friends of mine until he learned that new people give him chunks of apples (another trick I learned). Ludwig has yet to dislike any toy made of wood, is colorful or has a bell.

He is so full of energy and loves to run around the room when I let him, yet is calm enough to snuggle up against me while I watch tv. I reccomend duskies to anyone looking for a little parrot with a gigantic personality.

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Mar 10, 2011
Why I chose and am happy with my dusky conure
by: Linda

Congratulations on your new friend, and thank you for doing your research. Parrots are sometimes impulse buy items, and never should be because each type of bird needs a special type of food, cage, perches and toys. Each bird within a species is also an individual, so one will not find two parrots of even the same species alike. Each bird has likes and dislikes and this ability to choose for themselves needs to be respected.

Most important aspects of parrot care is to feed high quality organic pellets, small amounts of fruit and veggies, no more than 10-15% of total diet, provide as large a cage as can be afforded, safe natural wood branch perches and toys designed for your size bird. Hopefully you already took your bird to be examined by an Avian Vet as this is very important for new birds and needs to be done within the first week of them being with us. A lot of birds develop infections from the stress of being moved around and the new home, new people, etc.

Yearly exams are also very good as this keeps birds in optimum health. A high quality pelleted diet will also go a long way toward keeping a healthy bird healthy.

Thanks for writing, and write us anytime you have questions or just need to tell us about something you and your new your birdy have learned to do.


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