why is bird attacking?

by sandy

why has my lorekeet started to atack me he use to be so freindly i could kiss him do everything to him now every time i even go near his cage he swoops at me

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Sep 27, 2009
Lorikeet attacking
by: Ros Stiles

Hi, Mine has also been attacking me. From the research I have done it appears that mine is feeling hormonal and wanting to nest and lay. I am cutting their sleep time down, by turning the lights out early because we made the mistake of letting our birds sleep on the top of the lounge window and they wont settle elsewhere. Also not to pet them under the wings or on the back. Mine has gotten so bad we have taken to taking a towel with us if Swiz goes near the bedroom, to place over her. She only has attacked us in the bedroom and tried to get into our wardrobe. The attacks were quite vicious. Also our birds are fully flighted now and we are going to clip their wings (vet will) because we think the flying may be stimulating their natural insticts. Our other lorikeet is not tame yet, was given to us by a lady who rescued him. He (Mack) is getting more tame, flying and standing near us) and not attacking us or Swiz. Hope some of this helps. Ros

Sep 26, 2009
Attacking birds
by: Linda

If your bird is of breeding age and a female, then she has changed from the little baby girl you first knew. As birds become sexually mature, they will normally bond with the opposite sex human in the home. A hen will want to be with the male in the home, and the male will want to be with the female.

Tracie has some training resources on this site, so you may need to start learning what you can do about this problem. It does not mean you will lose her forever, it just means it is time for some real training to let her know who rules the roost and who brings home the food, namely YOU.

If she has not seen an Avian vet in a while, take her in for a checkup as she could be sick or getting sick, and birds become short tempered if not dounright agressive when they feel bad. If you have her on an all seed diet, start changing her over to an organic, high quality pelleted diet like Harrison's which Tracie carries out here.

Vet first before training and nutritious food plus the trip to Avian vet should help you out. Also, be careful with her the way she is as birds can and do inflict serious injuries to those unaware of their inherently wild natures. Birds are wild animals, not domesticated, and will revert to those wild behaviors in certain cases. Make sure she is always eye-level with you. If cage is low, put it on a table and make sure perches are kept at your eye level. Birds too low will become aggressive as they always feel threatened. Birds too high up feel superior and will also be aggressive. Eye level is what you want whether in or out of the cage.If she gets on top of her cage and is higher than you, change that to taking her out and putting her on a free-standing perch raised up to your eye level. Birds up higher than us automatically become the "king of the hill" and will act agressively when you try and take them down or swoop on you when you walk by. Keep her at EYE LEVEL AT ALL TIMES EVEN WHEN HOLDING HER. NEVER ALLOW HER ON YOUR SHOULDER AS THIS GIVES HER POWER SHE DOES NOT NEED OVER YOU. NASTY INJURIES COME FROM BIRDS ON SHOULDERS.

Let us know how it goes, and keep hanging in there with her as she needs you to be on her side and to love and care for her no matter what her behavior looks like right now. Inside, she is the same sweet little bird who gave you kisses and is just going through something you need to help with. Many Blessings to you both!


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