why is it important to save parrots?

by Alila

I would like to now why it is important to save parrots from no longer being on this planet,for example what do they have to offer,what im asking is do they provide us with something,like bees provide us with honey and they keep the flowers alive.

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Jan 24, 2012
why is it important to save parrots?
by: Linda

I'll turn your question around into a question for you. "What do humans do for this planet where the planet benefits from having them here?"

Every single animal bird, insect, snake, lizard and so on all serve a purpose. In fact, they were all here and very happy before humans arrived. Once humans arrived, things started going bad and are getting worse every day. Humans are supposed to be the caretakers for this planet called Earth, and are doing a very bad job of that. Humans are supposed to care about each other too and are also doing a bad job of that.

So birds serve the purpose of letting us hear their beautiful songs, see their glorious forms and feathers and understand that our job is to take care of them no matter what. They have as much right to be here as you do, and possibly more since they were all here first. Honor your planet and all life that lives on it regardless of what you see and hear all around you. Open your eyes, heart and mind and see yourself as a part of everything else. You will be on your way to becoming a wonderful person with many who love you by simply understanding you are only a PART of all there is, and your place here is to take care of and help others whether they are humans are the bird or snake in your garden.

Thanks for writing and hopefully you will begin to understand how sacred and wonderful ALL life is just because it IS not because of what it does.


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