Why is my bird refusing food after course of antibiotics?

by Stephanie

My conure was recently diagnosed and treated for a respiratory infection. He has finished taking his medicine and we took him back and got another check up to ensure he had been completely cured. Our vet told us that he was healthy, but now my bird is eating much less than usual, refusing his pellets, and has lost some weight.

He is eating seeds now but i noticed that he only eats certain seeds. He also eats fruits and vegetables and is taking vitamins that my vet gave me, but i am concerned that he is not eating enough and he also started molting so we want him to eat as much as possible.

He is acting normal in every other way besides the food consumption. We took the bird back to the vet and he said that he was healthy again, but he's still not eating enough. Why would my bird be refusing some foods and eating less? What can I do about it?

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Oct 14, 2013
Bird not eating properly
by: The Avian Vet

Antibiotics can reduce appetite. He may not has completely recovered from his illness. Molting may be affecting his appetite. I recommend that you reduce the treats (seeds etc) to only a small amount and give him more pellets. Also, stop giving the vitamins; these are not going to help sand may cause an overdose. You should monitor his weight and have blood work done as a follow up to his treatment.
Dr B

Oct 08, 2013
Why is my bird refusing food after course of antibiotics?
by: Linda

I'm pleased you are taking your bird to an Avian Vet. As for him still being somewhat "off", it is to be expected. The upper respiratory infections take a lot out of birds, and it takes them much longer to get back to normal. Keep a close eye on him, and monitor his weight using a gram scale at least once a week. Report any further weight loss to your avian vet. If he loses too much weight, he will fall ill again, so keep up with that. It could also be that he is not altogether cured yet either. Sometimes antibiotics cause fungal yeast infections if they take large doses for an extended time. The fungal infection would need to be treated with anti-fungal meds. Make sure you mention this to avian vet next time you talk with them because too much antibiotics creates a secondary infection while trying to heal the primary complaint.

Just don't get in too much of a hurry for him to be back to normal because he's a long way from that. He's weak, tired and needs your attention to make sure he eats balanced foods. Continue to monitor him and have him weighed regularly. You need to get an accurate gram scale so you can weigh him once a week and then report to avian vet if he's lost more weight. Ask the avian vet for a good brand for the gram scale. Most come with T-perches so bird can simply stand on the perch and be weighed. The scale zeros itself out for the perch when it is turned on.

Keep us posted and let us know how he does. Thanks for writing us about your precious bird friend, and we wish you all the best.


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