Why is my budgie missing feathers around his eye and has a bad smell?

I am worried because I have no idea what it might be and I don't know if it is something that can be passed to my other birds. I've separated him from the others in hopes that it may have just been him molting but today I noticed that he has an odd smell, a bad smell. I live in a dark suite so Ive been putting his cage outside to get sun and fresh air while its warm out but now Im worried he might have gotten something from out doors. Does anyone have any suggestions? Please help!

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Jul 10, 2011
Why is my budgie missing feathers around his eye and has a bad smell?
by: Linda

Tracie addressed taking him to an Avian Vet, and this must be done immediately. As for whether it is communicable or not, you'll have to wait and see and then have everyone diagnosed and treated.

Stop taking any of the birds outside and leaving them in the sun. For one thing, if they have no way to get out of the sun, they can die of heatstroke even on a cooler day. The other thing is the cage top has to be covered or other birds end up putting filth all over him.

The light situation inside can be changed, and you must do this immediately. Birds and all animals and fish need full spectrum lights in order to grow and be healthy(actually to live). The over the cage full spectrum lsmpd are hung above cages high enough so birds cannot mess with cords. The cords hanging down have to be taped to wall as they'll usually require extension cord to reach the socket. Make sure you are buying full spectrum lights and not the colored ones found in Home Depot, Lowe's and other home repair places.

Yes, the initial set up for the lights may seem expensive, and the alternative is to watch your birds to be unhealthy from lack of proper light. Putting them in a window is useless as full spectrum light does not come in through windows. The full spectrum light bulbs with proper CRI are the only way to keep birds inside.

So, you have two things to do. One is get your sick bird to the avian vet quickly, and the other is to provide the correct kind of lighting for all of them. Lighting is very important in that birds will die in dark and will suffer various physical issues by being put outside.


Jul 09, 2011
Budgie missing feathers and smells bad
by: Tracie

Okay, the smelling bad means infection, most likely. The missing feathers can be from infection or disease. The only solution for you to help your bird is to Find an Avian Vet for your bird.

There is not anything over the counter that is safe for your bird, especially since you don't know what is wrong with your bird.

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