why is my female umbrella doing this?

by brooke

i have a 5 year old female umbrella cockatoo...and recently she has began humping her toys and rubbing them on her back...sometimes shell even put her head back and make kissing like noises....and trust me shes not seeing n e thing shes not supposed to..lol...but i dont know why she is doing this and its kinda wierd..if n e body can help me understand why that would be great thanx!

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Mar 06, 2009
Female umbrella
by: Mary Ann

I agree. Spring is in the air and hormones are raging. It is all natural behavior and nothing to be concerned about.

Mar 06, 2009
Umbrella Cockatoo hormonal
by: Tracie

It sounds as if your bird is wishing to breed. Some people have success getting their birds out of this hormonal stage by only providing 9 or 10 hours of daylight a day.

You will likely have to have a sleeping cage for your bird so that you can move her to a spare bedroom that is dark and quiet at night.

Also, do not pet your bird down her back because that will only encourage the breeding behavior. You should consider having a full spectrum light on her.

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