Why is my GCC Conure suddenly attacking my other GCC Conure

by Merv carswell
(Wiltshire England)

I have 2 GCC Conures, one I have had for about 2 months and the other for 3 weeks.
They got on immediately and spent all their time together and even share the same cage, they did this themselves and always cuddle up together to sleep.

However, 3 days ago the first conure started to get really aggressive with the new one and eventually launched a vicious attack, fortunately I managed to get them apart and separate them into different rooms. The next day the same thing happened and it seems like over night T-bone my first bird has developed a hatred for Rosie our newest Conure.

I call them T-bone and Rosie although I don't actually know the sex of either of them as I bought them from a pet shop and they didn't know.

I took t-bone to an Avian vet in my area to get him checked out to see if there was anything wrong with him but the vet said he appeared to be in good health and she couldn't find anything physically wrong with him. I asked for a quote to get him sexed and also have a general health check and was quoted £400.00 (655.00 dollars if you are reading this in america) which means to get my 2 birds checked out and sexed will cost me £800.00, 1310 dollars!!!

I am happy to pay to keep my birds healthy and would love to know what sex they are but this seems extremely expensive to me, Is this normal? I love my birds but I'm not a rich man!!! If you know of any other alternatives to taking them to a ripoff vet I would be interested to know!

Both birds are coming up to a year old and I have read that they reach sexual maturity around this age, could this be the reason T-bone has turned into an aggressive bird? could it be that they are both the same sex and that is somehow causing conflict?

Rosie the bird that is being attacked is a very gentle and mellow bird and shows no sign of aggression at all it's only t-bone thats being so aggressive, and only Rosie, she is fine with my son Ollie and I.

Anyway if anyone has had a similar experience I would like to hear what you have to say and how/if you managed to resolve it. At the moment the two birds are in separate rooms which is not ideal as I now have to divide my time between the 2 rooms so they each get some attention.

And one last thing, neither bird seems to be missing the other, they aren't calling for each other and neither bird seems upset......I'm the only one upset!!! haha!

Thanks in advance for any advice you have to offer


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May 09, 2011
Why is my GCC Conure suddenly attacking my other GCC Conure
by: Merv

Hello Tracie and thank you for your kind comments.
I read with interest your article and was amused to find your birds are much like mine. Rosie the cinnamon GCC is very gentle and placid and has not attempted to bite once in the 3 weeks she's has been here, she is content to sit and watch the world go by and chill-out, she is still quite nervous but does step up onto my hand if there are treats to be had and will follow me from room to room.
T-bone on the other hand is a complete lunatic who never sits still for 2 mins, he is permanently on the go and into mischief and has an attitude the size of an elephant. He is fearless but is a big baby at heart and loves to go sleep cuddled up with me. I had to laugh tonight as here I am a grown man walking round the living room with a small parrot encased in my hands rocking him to sleep like a baby...haha!!!

I will try your suggestion of putting them in the same room and see whether they rekindle their love affair....I do hope so, they make a very handsome couple.

Thanks again


May 09, 2011
Green cheek conures fighting
by: Tracie

I am sorry you are having this problem. Personally, I don't think you have to keep them in separate rooms, just separate cages and only let one bird out at a time.

You can follow how we helped our Green Cheek Conures get along, and see if that works. Should I get another green cheek conure? It is my story about how we got our two conures to get along, and they eventually were able to share a cage, but we would have been happy if they could just play together too.

We have other parrot training articles on our Parrot Training page that might help you teach the aggressive bird another behavior.

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