why is my golden capped conure so clingy?

by karen
(Hayward ca)

Bird way too clingy, driving me crazy. I cant do anything at any time that he will stay on his playpen. He is out on a playpen when ever we are home but he will not stay on playpen searches for me all over the house untill he finds me

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Dec 31, 2012
by: Anonymous

Don't worry, you aren't the only one, My Sun Conure was purchased at 3 months old, today she is a 1yr and a half and you would think that I gave birth to her! She does not care for the cage, for anyone else in the house, for treats for NOTHING, she eats just to survive and then wants to be on top of ME! She could care less what is happening in the WORLD around her! She wants to preen me, kiss me, go in my shirt like it is a nest, my family said that this is unbelievable and they feel that if I were to go away or disappear for even a day, My little SKITTLES will get sick! I did go away for a day, was in the hospital, my husband said, she didn't eat and was crying out for me the entire day. He said she was frantic every where in that cage, he took her out played with her and not even 15 minutes into it, she would scream and flutter her wings desperate, mind you, she loves him too. He is the only other favorite. Skittles acts like I literally laid the EGG and she was born. It is at a SEVERE STATE.

Dec 31, 2012
why is my golden capped conure so clingy?
by: Anonymous

Your bird is bonded to you, that's good. However, just like a child, you will need to teach your bird to play indepenantly too. A bird who is too bonded to you, can delevelope mental issues later should you need to be out of the home for sometime.

It's good to socialize the bird, get him to step up for other ppl, but to keep him from bonding to another human, they should only have 5 min or so of interaction at a time. This helps the bird to feel more secure. Keeping him bonded with you, but removing fear of others, so that he has no problems staying put should you walk 5 feet away.

Never leave bird unattended while he's out of the cage, for safety reasons.

I take my bird to the avian shop for grooming, (or just ot get new toys) and I let the employees all hold her, and interact with her, as they are all qualified. Other customers come up and talk to her, its a great means for me to help keep her socialized. I have company over, they're given instructions on how to hold her. I cannot stress how important it is, to keep your bird socialized.

I keep mine socialized simply bc if she ever gets hurts while I am not home, I know that anyone can pick her up, and rush her to the vets. Also to prevent phobias, and plucking, and clinging.

I think a good place to curb clinginess is by simply socializing the bird. Then teaching the bird to play independantly. This should help

Good luck.

Dec 30, 2012
Conure very clingy
by: Tracie

Your bird is clingy because you are it's flock member and it needs to be with the flock. Due to the many dangers in your home, it is best to put the bird back in the cage when you leave the room.

You can potentially bring other bird diseases in from outside on your shoes. Something toxic could have dropped in the carpet, your bird could get trapped somewhere when exploring, it could eat or chew something toxic elsewhere in the house, it could get stepped on etc.

You can work with the bird on traiing it to stay on the playstand and other things. We have several health and training articles on our Parrot Training page if you would like to work on that.

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