why is my male african brown headed parrot so mean to women?

by cora

well for starters, i have a male brown headed parrot that me and my family got from one of my moms friends who got it from here uncle,and me and my mom are the only girls in the household.i was just wondering why he is so mean to women? i have 3 brothers and he only lets them pick him up but he bites me.

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Aug 27, 2008
Biting Brown Headed parrot
by: Tracie

Hi Cora,

It is very possible that the favorite male of the house can help you with this. When my Green Cheeked Conure, Buddy, switched from loving me to hating me and loving my husband, my husband helped to stop his biting me.

It didn't take long to get him to quit drawing blood from me, and in time he tolerated me. Now he treats me as good as my husband, even though he still prefers my husband to me.

Please read my training article under "Parrot Training" on biting. I think it might help you.


Meanwhile, have someone the bird likes always hand you the bird. If the bird starts to nip you, have that person take him back and glare at him and tell him "nooooo" in a low calm voice.

If the bird wants the male person's approval, then he will do what he wants. If the bird attempts to bite again after being told "nooooo", then have the male return him to the cage, turn his back without a word and leave the room for a few minutes.

Let us know how it goes.

Aug 27, 2008
Why the male african brown headed parrot is mean to women
by: Kralice4u

Wow, that is a tough one. Parrots of any sort are exceptionally smart. Perhaps one of the previous owners was a woman that the parrot did not like for one reason or another. Perhaps she did not speak in a tone that he liked or perhaps she did something to him that he did not like.
Birds do not forget. You can win his trust with allot of time and allot of patience. There is a bird trainer by the name of Chet Womach. I think you can even find him on this site, if not look him up on Google. I breed Conures now, but I have bred many other types. I have even used a method or two of his. It is worth looking into. Good luck!

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