Why is quaker parrots beak kind of rough looking.

by John Fahlsing
(Saint Petersburg, Fl.)

I noticed lately, or maybe I just noticed something that was happening for awhile now.
The tip or rather 1/16th of Babys beak looks dry or rough? Not sure what to make of it? Any ideas?

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Mar 06, 2012
Parrot beak looking rough
by: Tracie

I have not heard of putting oil on the beak and feet. If the bird gets oil on his feathers when preening, the bird will lose it's ability to regulate it's temperature. Our avian vet says to never use oily or greasy ointments etc. on our birds for this reason.

I would invest in some beak trimming toys and some Polly's Pastel Pedicure Perches that the bird can rub it's beak on. You can also add a humidifier to the room, if you think the air is too dry.

Instead of adding oil to the beak and feet, why not add some organic red palm oil, Sunshine Factor to some birdie bread or just feed the bird Harrison's High Potency pellets that already has the dende oil in them.

Your bird should be eating about 80% high quality pellets, and only 20% healthy treats. Switching Birds To Pellets article

Mar 06, 2012
quaker parrot beak
by: chad bowden

i have recently acquired a cockatoo, an african grey and a sun conure. i was told to use olive oil on their beaks and feet. when they are in an inside enrivonment, they dry out from the dryness of the air... hope this help

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