Why my Alexandrine died ?

by Z

Hi, 3 days ago my 6 months old Alexandrine named Rio died. The cause is unknown as I cannot find any solid reason. He had been sneezing and had running nose since a month, my vet recommended an antibiotech but he wouldn't recover. I took him out of the cage and he suddenly flew away, hit the way. When I picked him up he seemed out of breath and within a minute he was gone. Can you please tell what might hav happened to him ? am so desperate.



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Aug 16, 2013
by: Anonymous

Thanks Tracie.


Aug 11, 2013
Alexandrine died
by: Tracie

I am sorry for your loss. It may be that your bird died from hitting whatever it hit when it was flying. I don't know though, only a necropsy done by your avian vet will determine if it died from injury, disease or infection.

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