Why posts get edited here

by Tracie

I have had two complaints about my editing posts. I will NOT be posting responses to this post either.

I do NOT post links and email addresses. First, I don't have time to check all links and read all the information on the whole website to make sure it is safe for kids. Second, web pages change and disappear and then I have a bad link on my website I have to deal with. Try finding a bad link on your website when you have over 3,000 pages!

I do NOT post email addresses, because people can pretend to be helpful or need information when they are really fishing for victims to add to their list to harm.

This is my personal website, I want it to stay kid friendly and a safe place for them to read and not get led to a dangerous site or to a dangerous person.

Thanks, Tracie

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Sep 10, 2010
You can post pictures of your own birds
by: Tracie

Also, you can post pictures of your own birds, just not links to websites or photobucket or whatever that is called. Again, because someday you or the owner may remove it some day and then Google doesn't like that I have a bad link.

To post pictures, either post a new Parrot Question under Parrot Questions or post information about your bird and pictures under Submit Parrot Stories

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