why quaker wants to build on top of nest box

hi i have 2quakers sold as breeding pair i have noticed the last few days they have been taking twigs on top of nest box like they are trying to build they have a nest box why would they be going ontop of the nestbox and not in it

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Sep 30, 2012
Quaker parrots building nests
by: Tracie

I suspect that even though they may have used the nest box before, they prefer to build their own nest.

You really, really, really need to get help with breeding before the he hen lays eggs and potentially something goes wrong. If you are not an experienced breeder you could lose your hen to egg binding, the babies due to the parents not feeding them or killing them. There are many things that you need to have more than book knowledge about.

If the parents start killing the chicks or don't feed them properly, you will immediately need to have experience hand feeding the chicks or you may kill them doing it wrong.

Please find a breeder to train you, volunteer to help them with their birds etc. so you can get some hands on experience.

Also, do you have customers lined up for the chicks? Do you plan on taming them so that they can be held? If not, then you will need to buy several more cages because you are going to have a LOT of birds. ;-)

Back to your original question, even if you only had one bird, it would still enjoy building a "nest" with sticks. It is in their DNA to weave and build huge community nests.

Sep 30, 2012
build on nest box
by: kathy

Thanks for the comment Tracie. I understand that in the wild they build their own nest. Maybe i could have worded it better. I will try again? When i saw the birds i fell in love with them as they are gorgeous looking birds.The guy selling them to me said they were a breeding pair and they had used a breeding box before.So he gave me the box as well.I was not sure if they were trying to build ontop of box or what they were trying to do and 1 of them picks up a twig and puts it ontop of box then taps the side for a bit then goes and gets more. Please can someone explain what they are doing thanks Kathy

Sep 28, 2012
Quakers building nest
by: Tracie

I do not ask this sarcastically, I know people's voices on the Internet can sound harsh when they are not, but have you researched raising Quaker parrots and how Quaker parrots act in the wild?

Quaker parrots build huge elaborate nests in the wild. It is their passion, it comes naturally, it is just what they do. Just because you see the box as a great place to nest does not mean the birds think it is so great. ;-)

Please contact some experienced breeders of Quakers and gather ideas and information from them. Maybe they have experienced the same thing and can be a real help if your birds have breeding problems etc.

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