Why won't he let me pick him up?

by Heidi

My conure will take food from me, nibble on me and my clothing, and let me pet him, but he won't allow me to pick him up. I've had him for about a month; is this just something that takes longer to happen or is there something I can do to get him to trust me enough to hold him?

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May 15, 2012
Conure won't let me pick him up
by: Anonymous

You are doing nothing wrong. Continue giving your little one as much attention as possible, using treats as an encouragement to get him used to your hand. You haven't had him a long time and Conures have a tendency to be very strong headed. If he is going to 'step up' he will eventually, just as soon as he figures out he can trust you with that activity.

There is a link on this site that gives great training tips. Take advantage of it. Parrot Training page

But, don't be surprised if he still doesn't want to do that. Mine will climb over my body, sit on my head, walk up and down my arm, coo with my fingers, kiss me, let me feed him seeds with my fingers, stroke his head and beak with my fingers, let me cup him in both hands to put him in his carrier or cage -- and be a generally kind and loving bird . . . but he will not get on my finger or perch on my hand and will bite me very hard should I insist (it's the only time he bites, by the way).

I figure it is some sort of trade off and only he knows the answer.

Good luck!

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