Why won't my Green Cheek Conure let me come near him/her?

by Suzi's owner
(United States)

My family puchased a GCC last year from a breeder. We call her Suzi. Suzi always wants attention, but whenever I get her out of her cage she flaps away to my mom. I have never done anything mean or cruel to any animal including her. My younger brother is afraid of Suzi, but when he does come to pet her, she won't run away from him. She doesn't run away from my step Dad either.

I have tried getting Suzi out when my mom was not around, but she sadly does the same thing. Because of school, I don't have much time to play with her or let her get use to me, even though it's been a year since we've gotten her.

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May 19, 2011
Why won't my Green Cheek Conure let me come near him/her?
by: Linda

There are a few negative factors going on here, and we will go over them.

First, you need to have your bird's wings clipped by an Avian Vet in your area as well as a checkup to make sure she is healthy. We recommend all new birds be taken to avian vet in the first few days they are in our homes because the stress of moving to new home can cause immune system to crash and leave bird open to infections of all kinds.

The other very important issue here is that you need to take over feeding and watering your bird a few times a week and on the weekends. If you get up early enough in the morning, you'll have time to do this, and there is plenty of time after school. The people who feed and clean up after parrots are the people birds are most bonded with. You cannot expect a bird you do nothing for to want to bond with you. A bird's trust is earned not freely given, and this holds true here very much.

Be sure and get your bird an appointment with an avian vet in your driving area as soon as you can because birds who have infections or other physical problems are going to be very touchy because they feel bad.

Let us know how trip to vet goes, and until wings are clipped, your bird will continue to fly away from you because that is their only defense when afraid or angry.


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