wild corella

I have a wild corella coming here, he is smaller than the other corellas and he looks old, dirty and his feathers on his head are missing. The other birds wont talk to him but he is eating non stop. He has been here for a week now and is definitely sleeping less. Possibly an escaped bird who has no gang to hang out with or could he have a disease..any ideas? I dont want to take him to the local wild life refuge because they will just put him down..and I always hope for the best.

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May 16, 2013
Wild Corella
by: Sandra D Singh

Hi there, You're such a wonderful person I must say because of your concern for this little bird. You've been blessed with a very kind heart and you've definitely touched mine.

You've mentioned that this bird looks old maybe he/she is and you've also noticed the missing feathers (Balding)on the head. About the dirty looks, it could've been that he/she was beaten up by other birds and that's the reason he/she got dirty.

This poor, little bird could be someone's pet maybe he/she has been escaped and can't find its way back to the owner. The bird is eating nonstop as you said, because he/she is very hungry and maybe hasn't eaten in days. Although a bird is eating and drinking, that doesn't mean that it's not sick; it could very well be sick. BUT I've a gut feeling that this poor bird is not sick and only needs a place to stay and good care.

About not sleeping, if this bird had been beaten up he/she would be very afraid to sleep. Have you noticed any uncontrolable scratching? I've seen birds that had mites and they do look dirty and their feather's also drop from scratching their itch.

Did you ask around or put up flyers in your area saying, bird found and how to contact you? I wish if you can really help this poor little bird in any way that you can. My heart goes out to this poor little baby, hence the reason I'm suggesting all these things.

ONE way for sure to help this poor little bird is IF YOU CAN, take him/her to an Avian Vet because he/she COULD'VE a disease. The vet cost money as you may've already known and I don't know your situation or budget. BUT IF YOU CAN and you're willing, the Lord will bless you tremendously.
I wish there was a way (on this site) that I could've helped this poor little bird.

After reading, I understand that this poor little bird needs looking after properly in order for he/she to be healthy and alive. I'd suggest that you continue to feed the bird and keep him/her warm and comfortable IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO DO ANYTHING ELSE. I know that YOU WILL do everything that you can BUT sometimes we can only do so much.

If only there was a way that I could've helped, it would've been so good. I'll be praying for this dear little bird and I'll not forget to ask the Lord to shower his blessings in abundance upon you; you've a good heart that I admire. Thanks for helping this poor baby; do your best, good luck and God bless.

May 16, 2013
Wild Corella
by: Anonymous

It could be a wild bird that is sick and that's why the other corellas are ignoring him and picking his head feathers off.

On the other hand, it could have been someone's pet that has escaped and can't fend for itself in the wild and compete for food and status with the other birds.

It's hard to tell what the situation could be. If you can get near it without incident then it's obvious it was someones pet at one time and could be ill. If you take it to the wildlife refuge, they will examine it and if the illness is fatal, they will have to put it down. If it can be treated, I am sure they will do just that and release the bird or give you the option of keeping it as a pet. If nothing is done, the bird will eventually succumb to the illness or the other birds will kill it

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