wild galah found

by samantha

hello, this moring i was walking my dog and a saw something in the midlle of the road goiing around the oval. it was a galha. the galh was flapping but not useing its feet. picked the bird up and placed him under the tree. i went home and asked dad what to do he suggested leave it there i didnt have the heart just to leave it to die so me and my brother brought it home. we put it in a quite room with water and food.
what eles could we do to help, it is moving aroud a bit in its cage. it has got more fight in it the longer it has been resting.
im just worried if it comes to the time we have to relese it or we have a friend that looks after wild life. since it cant walk how can it survive?
please help

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Jan 04, 2012
Wild galah can't walk
by: Tracie

It is really best for you to find a wildlife specialist to care for this bird. They will have the proper food and tools to care for and release the bird if it makes it that far. They also have access to avian vets that can test the bird for disease and infections.

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