Wild Lorikeet added to flock

by Cindy
(Western australia)

Hi yesterday a rainbow lorikeet flew in . I got it with the net. Put it with mu bird. Well it's feathers a dull , smelly and very oily I gave it a warm water bath. And the water went cloudy a little . It still oily. It young . Sqwaks lots and eats a lots . It still happy and try's to ply with toys .

Tried it om mango didnt know what it was. But now loves it. It's a bit thin but it still young I say as I have a baby that just getting tail feathers and ther half grown. Same with this lorry. I'm scared it mighty have a bug it has been with my 2 lories :( I wasn't thinking till it was to late :(. I love my birds so much that I'll try and do any thing for them at the moment I can't take the found bird to the vet. As finaces are low.

It's eating well pops like a lorikeet . And has a little addatude . With other birds it's on it's own now . As I have a new cage that home two birds one on top and one bottom But both have separate cages booth good size can have lots of toys and wing space . Will my birds be okay. .. It's not that friendly but Not wild. . pleas get back to me thank you

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Dec 31, 2011
the problem with this
by: Anonymous

I'm in WA as well & it's very risky to add a lorikeet to your birds. They are not native to WA & they are the largest carriers of parrot beak & feather disease here in WA. Since your finances are low you should immediately separate the lorikeet & quarantine him for 6-8 weeks. Scrub your other birds cages, aviaries, toys, bowls etc...Apart form that there is nothing you can do other than take the lorikeet to a vet or wildlife rehab. Since the bird flew in you can phone your avian vet & ask for advice. Sometimes they will help you out with a wild bird at no cost, because it isn't your own pet bird. If you take it into an avian vet or rehab for them to care for it is most likely the bird will be destroyed. It isn't native & has caused a great deal of destruction to our native parrots & cockies which is why it isn't likely to live if taken to a vet or rehab. As horrible as it sounds you do need to consider the reason they might do this.

Dec 30, 2011
Putting wild lory in with pet birds
by: Tracie

There is just no way for anyone to tell you if your birds are going to be okay or if the wild bird has a disease or illness that is contagious. You will need to Find an Avian Vet that takes payments to examine your birds.

I wish I had better news, and I know you were just trying to be sweet and help this bird.

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