Wild lorrikeet has swollen eye and sneezing

by Victoria

Hi we have a group of Lorikeets that frequent our place. One of our favorites was on our back door step with a swollen eye and was sneezing and rubbing it's face on the ground. It's head was wet with mucous and it seemed to have not a lot of balance. These birds are wild so taking them to a vet is not possible. What could be wrong and is there anything we could put in our bird baths to help.

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Feb 02, 2011
Wild lorikeet sick
by: The Avian Vet

No, do not add anything to the bird bath. If you could capture it and take it in, the best thing is to diagnose the problem first, then provide treatment. This could be a bacterial infection or a virus. Unless you can take it to the vet, nature is going to take care of it.

Dr B

Feb 01, 2011
Lorikeet Drinking Water
by: Michele

We have many lorikeets visit us daily in Medowie, N.S.W. and have picked up a few that were sick. We put Psittavet in the water as was advised to us - I believe this is what any local vet you speak to will sell you for this condition. One we picked up had one eye swollen closed and was very thin and weak. We just picked it up and fed it with First Aid - another powder available from your vet. A vet assistant friend told us that the same medical eye drops we use are suitable for birds, which we also did. "Chlorsig is an effective and fairly benign product that is safe in most animals eyes" is an example of product and online advice. A week or so later we popped him back outside with good weight, health and two good eyes. It was lovely to see it's mate rejoin it immediately. Generally I find researching online I identify common problems - what is most likely wrong and then what to do...with great success. In regards to drinking area - this has included the advice of adding a touch of apple cider vinegar for water quality. Also - as you would've noticed - the nature of lorikeet eliminations (messier than other birds - major splatters...) means very regular cleaning of the area is vital, otherwise other bird visitors are getting sick too. Even slight damage to one eye can then compromise the birds' ability to fly and forage thereby making them vulnerable to becoming more sick. The above products have become regulars in our cupboard as life savers for birds.
Happy feeding - and stick to dry lorikeet powders close to water and not wet feed as it sours quickly. And no white bread and jam type foods as this is causing more sickness and is a part of further spreading conditions such as beak and feather disease.

Feb 01, 2011
Wild lorrikeet has swollen eye and sneezing
by: Linda

I suggest you catch, box and take this bird to your local county or province vet who examines birds for communicable diseases that can wipe out thousands of wild birds and domestics birds as well. This sounds very much like a communicable disease, and it may be very bad, so you are obligated to take him in for an exam. It will not cost you anything though they may put the bird down so they can do a necropsy. Please allow them to do what they need to do because these infections can be very widespread and if this bird is sick then all in the flock are also sick. This can cause a pandemic in your country and could even be contageous to humans, so find out which authority you need to take this bird to and do it as quickly as you can. Your actions may save the lives of thousands of birds and humans as well.


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