Wild rainbow lorikeet injured

by Nick
(Sydney nsw Australia)

A wild rainbow lorikeet somehow had its tail feathers out so it isnt able to fly, just half takes off and lands again. i was alearted to it because my dog went for it and my dog being gentle didnt harm it just tried to sniff it but it was able to get right up to it with out the bird flying away.

will these tail feathers grow back? is it worth me keeping it in a cage and feeding it till they grow back? being wild it hates being in the cage. it is eating fruit and also pollen from my back yard from the tree that its family is nesting in.
(i asume their its family as they keep flying up to the cage when its outside and there is now only 3 flying out of the tree when there use to be four)

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Jan 27, 2009
Lorikeet lost tail feathers
by: Tracie

The tail feathers should grow back in a few weeks. One of our birds climbed to the floor without our knowledge once and someone stepped on his tail. He released all his tail feathers and scared the family member half to death.

He looked like a duck for a few weeks, but the tail feathers did grow back in. It is sweet that you are protecting the bird until they grow back in.

By the way, we learned our lesson about not allowing our birds out if we are not going to watch their every move.

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