Wild Robin

by Dave

Hello I rescued a baby Robin with a broken wing. The baby is doing great, eating from my hand drinking and perching and singing. Unfortunetly he will not be able to fly. I have already a Cockatoo and a Pionus. My question is there any health concern to the parrots all ready in my house if I keep this Robin?

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Jul 29, 2008
Please help
by: Anonymous

Hi, I just found a baby robin with a broken wing. What did you start out feeding it? should I get him worms, or feed him with a syringe? What do you keep your robin in? Was he scared to eat from you when you first found him? Do you think he is in pain with a broken wing? any help is greatly appreciated. Ps. I do have some bird experience, as I raised a cockatoo. thanks!!!

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Jun 18, 2008
Keeping a wild Robin
by: Tracie

I would have the bird checked by an avian vet before keeping it in the same room as my birds. I would also make sure I wash my hands and change clothes before I handle my birds after handling the Robin. Just my opinion.

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