Will a Sulpher crested cockatto get along with a Swainson Toucan?

by Kyerstin
(Lakewood Colorado)

We currently have a Sulpher Crested Cockatoo, and thinking of adopting a Swainson Toucan, and was wondering if they would get along in the same house. Any information on this would be greatly helpful. Thanks so much in advance.


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Feb 04, 2012
Will a Sulpher crested cockatto get along with a Swainson Toucan?
by: Linda

Never allow the Too and the Toucan to be outside cage together. In fact, the Toucan though he may be tame, is still very much a wild bird, and they need to be watched carefully when out of cage. The Toucan will need to be examined by an Avian Vet before being brought near your Too to make sure he is healthy with no infections.

As Tracie said, they will get along in same house, but may not be friends ever.

I've had an Ariel Toucan, and they need very large flights even in the house. An 8 foot square flight is adequate for one Toucan of a smaller size. They have to be able to fly, and the larger flights give them the opportunity to fly from one branch to the other and get the exercise they need. Your Toucan will also need a good supply of mealworms to go along with the pellets they eat too. Mealworms can be raised or bought in containers at pet stores.

One thing I will say about the Toucans after having one is that they are not for everyone. They are friendly enough, but will never be as tame as your Cockatoo. They also cannot be put into flight with any other birds including other Toucans. Toucans together can and do kill each other. You need to do a lot of reading before even thinking of getting a Toucan. They are messier than parrots in that their poop is on the runny side and harder to clean off floors, walls and cages. Their food is digested quickly, so they need high quality food of the organic variety if you can find it. Do not feed too much fruit as this causes poop to be more runny plus bird does not eat as much of his other food as he needs. Toucan will need 80-85% pellets like Harrison's or Roudybush with the rest in mealworms and fruit for the other percentage. The Ariel Toucan I had was a smaller species now probably extinct, and she ate a few mealworms morning and night, pellets all during the day with small amounts of fruit each day.

Just make sure you fully understand the needs of a Toucan before getting one. They cannot stay in a small cage and have to have large flights. They are more energetic birds and have to be able to fly to work of some of this energy. Closed up in a small cage will kill them regardless of what they are eating. Wanting to rescue this precious bird is a good thing, and just make sure you have the room for the right size flight for him/her and understand the special needs of a Toucan.

Good luck and thanks for writing.

Feb 03, 2012
Cockatoo and Toucan in same home
by: Tracie

They should not have a problem being in the same house, not the same cage. In fact, they may not ever be able to be out of their cages at the same time. Only the birds can decide if they like each other.

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