Will a wild mouse attack my cockatiels in their cage?

by Dwight Snow
(Angus Ontario Canada)

I have been on a number of occasions woke up in the middle of the night with my birds flapping and squalking, and falling off their perches. When I look at them I see a lot of feathers missing with blood on the side of the cage. I have Ma and Pa in one cage with their two boys in another. I also know that there is a mouse in the house I have been humainly trying to trap him I have seen him, he also leaves evidence of bird seed in various different locations. I assumed that he was picking up seed fallen from the cage. The one cage is a couple of inches away from a couch where I have found mouse evidence. In your opinion is this mouse attacking or scareing my birds? I am very concerned as there is a lot of blood stain for such small birds. Otherwise they seem normal and are functioning well.

thank you
Dwight Snow

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Sep 20, 2018
Mouse problem
by: Sharon

Hi I have 2 Cockatiels and a Conure and tons of mice.
I tried all the suggested ways to get rid of them and finally called an exterminator. Peppermint oil was useless, as were humane traps, and traditional traps. The mice seem to catch on quickly. Luckily my birds are not caged and are able to get away from the mice, but my reccomendation is don't waste any time, get an exterminator in as soon as possible.

Oct 20, 2017
Woke to find like 8 mice attacking my cockatiel what do i do??
by: Stacey

Just found the bird screaming in the corner od the cage with a bunch of mice trying to take him down im not sure how long the attack went for but all under his wings are chewed up and it lookis liks both his ankles are broken he cant stand up and he keeps like leaning forward and cringing i think from the pain it only just happen i cant belive mice would team up and do this if hes ankles are broken will they heal and how long will it take a feel terable as i cant do anything for his pain

Editor's note: Your bird needs an avian vet ASAP!

Sep 18, 2017
Rat found in canary cage
by: Anonymous

Woke one morning to find big brown rat in canary cage i been told if they can get in they can get out but no we had to open cage door and scare it out that way thought my 2 canaries were fine bot my girl now has swelling on her left side and very quiet still eating drinking but boy stays away from her my other 2 canaries are fine girl on nest have to take baby to vet tomorrow very worried she might have been bitten

Sep 08, 2017
Caught a large mouse attacking my budgies
by: Niketa

Mice and other such rodents are carnivores and do attack birds. I saw one of my budgies dead and another one fighting off a a huge mouse inside the cage yesterday itself. I cried like hell.The cage had all doors closed. Don't know from where such a huge mouse got in. My favourite budgie was gone and another one badly injured. I shoved off the mouse but the harm was already done. I really feel now it's a very bad idea to have birds caged. At least outside they have a chance. ­čśóAnyways suggest you to be sure that the mice will attack someday or the other if they are near any bird, therefore stay extra careful.

Aug 24, 2017
My Tweety
by: Anonymous

I just woke up to my bird laying on its back in the cage floor.It took its last breathe in my hand.­čśó
When I turned it around , I notice it had a small like hole in the back of her neck. I also have mice, could this have caused it?

Apr 24, 2017
Shrews may be the answer
by: Bird Lover

Putting poison down is NOT a good idea, as the mice and rats can then go outside where owls and other predators can eat the poisoned rodents which will then cause them to die a slow painful death.
More than likely what is causing the deaths to your caged birds are Shrews. They are small like mice but can be vicious. Simply remove ALL food at night and replace each morning. Keeping the birds close to where you sleep can also help you to awaken if you hear any disturbances. I hope this helps.

Feb 28, 2017
Mice and birds?
by: Anonymous

I don't believe that a mouse will attack a bird..but if they see one it will scare them, and then you have to worry about night frights. Cockatiels are particularly prone to having them, so if you have mice you need to get rid of it asap. Don't bother with "humanely" getting rid of the mouse. I went down this road and it came down to either the mice or the birds. I chose the birds. Night frights can be deadly if you don't get to your bird in time. I keep my cockatiels in my bedroom so that if this occurs we can get to them quickly. If they happen to tear a blood feather, they can easily bleed to death. My vet has seen it happen many times. You need to educate yourself about what to do if this happens. Pulling the feather out with a pair of needle nosed pliars seems like a scary thing to do, but if you don't know what your doing ahead of time, before this happens, you could easily end up with a dead bird. Keep a pair on hand and learn how to do it safely. Which means you need to learn how to safely and properly hold the bird in an event like this.

Oct 15, 2016
My cockatiel has fought mice
by: Anonymous

I had a mouse in an apartment I lived in when my cockatiel was three years old. At first, my curious cockatiel wanted to throw food to the mouse and impersonate mouse noises, and I was disciplining her trying to get her to stop. A week later, my cockatiel did end up fighting the mice. When my cockatiel laid about 4 eggs, the mice ran off with at least two of them. I ended up capturing two badly injured mice in the poop drawer of my bird's cage under the wire floor, and putting the live one outside, a few miles away. My cockatiel and her eggs were in a travel cage in my car when I freed the mouse that had a chance of survival, and my bird was not happy with me when I freed the mouse. These were tiny mice that could fit through the bars of a bird cage. After that, we put poison in the next door neighbor's apartment, that the mice could access, but not my bird. I put my bird's cage on a stand and temporarily placed the stand in a small pool of water. I have heard mice can swim if they have to but fear water. I also put slick oil on the legs of the metal stand I had the cage on, which would make it impossible for the mouse to climb the cage with wet feet, although no mice tried. My cockatiel was not injured and has had tests for bacteria from multiple avian vets since the mouse incident, and is very healthy. We were lucky. I also took my bird to a sitter during the day for a while after that, because I was afraid to leave her unattended.

Sep 29, 2016
by: Lisa

I just found my yellow collared mini macaw outside his cage, although it was still latched.
He was on the ground, bleeding, and missing tons of feathers...when we picked him up, we saw his right leg was cut and has several scratches on his back and face...We think a rat pulled him through the cage and attacked him. is this possible?, to pull him THROUGH the bottom of his cage?. we have 2 huge macaws in cages next to him, and nothing has happened to them. I'm sick to my stomach thinking about what my poor lil guy must have gone through.

Aug 19, 2016
Carnivore Mice
by: Maggie

Hi, I have gone online today to see if there is any info relating to mice killing caged birds.
We have had various sets of finches and canaries and 2 pr of Quail up until today. From 14 birds we are now down to one finch and the two pr of quail. We have have been losing birds at irregular times since we got them a few months ago. The aviary is a large metal type which we thought would be ideal. I have to say the various paired birds have been a delight to watch with the interesting and sometimes funny behaviour but now sad and disappointing to lose them. At first, we thought someone had let the first couple out by accident. We then found a canary on the floor but wedged between the reeding we placed against the back and side walls of the cage. Later we discovered 3 dead ones in their various nests and one dead behind a wooden shelf with the breast missing and bloody. It is happening at night. We'd got rid of a nest of mice months ago, we thought - just a couple of metres away from the aviary and thought that was the end of the problem of their stealing antics. Alas, we saw a large one crawling up the cage today after losing two birds overnight. We found half a quail egg shell in a seed container attached high on the back wall, various quail eggs against the edges of the cage, positioned it seems to be in transit to the mouse nest and a couple near where their old nest was and obviously still is. Who would believe mice were so carnivorous and adaptive. I have never heard of people losing their birds to mice before but I can come to no other conclusion. There is plenty of seed in the cage but they are choosing to attack and eat the birds. Who would believe it - I am shocked myself!

Jun 08, 2016
Birds & mice/rats
by: Dianne

I have 2 irns we don't get mice / rats as i don't feed my birds seeds only pallets & fruit & veges we looked after my sisters guinea pig which attracted a mouse/rat even though it's food was in an air tight container anyway it was ontop off their cages they both are up high on stands what worries me can they catch fleas or mites from these things i got rid off it by putting some seeds i had outside in an open container & watched outside when i saw it out there i shut the door but my birds seem to be preening & biting more than before so can they have fleas & mites because off this mice/rat ???????

Dec 21, 2015
mice in my birds food / cage
by: Okra the bird

I'm absolutely terrified because my house just got mice from our lovely downstairs neighbors and I keep the bird food on the floor in my room right next to my bed, because you know why would mice be crawling around right next to me. I was just sitting here watching a bird documentary and 5 feet away from me I hear a mouse inside my birds food. Luckily I caught it. As it turns out, they have been in my birds food and possibly their cages. I feel like an idiot. I don't know what sort of diseases they could have but I'm terrified and now have to throw all their food out and buy storage bins. Anyway, I suggest ALWAYS keeping your birds cages up on tables without blankets / anything else hanging down for the mice to climb up on. Also use storage bins for food and keep the cages CLEAN so the mice have no reason to go in. I made the mistake of only storing half of my food in bins.. I appreciate all animals but if these mice could possible hurt my birds in any way I will eradicate them all.

Oct 28, 2015
my cockatiel
by: om

my cockatiel was attacked by a mouse it chewed his tail feathers bit him on his, I cannot eget rid of them right now he is staying at my vet till we things gone or under control I stay up all night protecting him but it did no good!!!! I have snap traps , glue traps and nothing is working a vet told me to put peppermint oil on not cotton balls I cannot find it, I do not know what to do he is 8years old I love him , anybody have any advice short of rehoming him???

Oct 10, 2015
Saw a mouse in my parrotlet's cage
by: Anonymous

My mom leaves my bird's cage on the ground, so today (10/10/15) at around 2am I was still up watching a movie and my sister told me she saw something small running back and forth in my parrotlet's cage. I didn't believe her, but decided to go check and saw nothing at all. Later, still continuing the movie as I left my door open to watch the cage just in case.. I saw the mouse INSIDE my parrotlet's cage climbing to the top and looking at my bird as I ran out, it slipped out through the cage bars and ran into my bathroom. I decided to put my parrotlet's cage in my room up high. After reading all these stories, my bird could've been hurt if I left him alone and thought nothing was gonna happen. I didn't know they were capable of doing all these things to a bird.

Sep 30, 2015
Rats are tricky and dangerous
by: Kavmani

Hi frnds,
Rats are really dangerous I think. One day I found a rat on my bird's cage. Me and my mom tried a lot to put it outside. But it doesn't. At last rat ran outside and my sweet puppy Joulie catch it and kill. So frnds, always be alert!

Oct 27, 2014
Rat traps!
by: Tracie

Keep your birds in their cages (so they don't get caught in the rat traps), put out rat traps inside and outside your home.

Oct 27, 2014
will parrots attract rodents
by: Anonymous

i have 2 quaker parrots, and we found a rat in our house. now iam scared that rats will come and attack them.

Dec 29, 2013

Very deeply been hurted after the death of my cutie parroT WHO LOVE ME VERY MUCH and who nearly have been bitten by a rat at about 7:30pm dated:28/12/2013 evening.It was happen as big rat enter in his cage when getting the space between the two bars in the cage and he attacked on it and he suddenly died when i had came to rescue him.i cant address my felling in words and stop my tear.his death was sudden & shocking so plz prevent all u r birds from all these wild mouse/rats.
December 28, 2013
by Ismet Pakistan


I had the same thing happen to me at 2am this morning exept it was a RAT that attacked my Jenday conure badly enough to need to rush him off to the vet first thing this morning. I live on a small holding with horses so we unfortunately get rats and our South African rats are no joke (google them). Don't take it lightly they can and will if given the chance hurt or kill your birds.

Dec 18, 2013
Please beware of rats/mice in your home!
by: Anonymous

I had a cockatiel named Birdie and I loved him dearly. One morning my mum found birdie on the bottom floor of his cage. She found it strange as he usually stays on the perch. So she had a look and found that both his legs were chewed off and that a piece of his leg was lying on the bottom floor of the cage (where the poop lands). She couldn't believe it. What's worse was he was still alive. So who knows when his legs were chewed off. He suffered so much! My mum tried to take him to a vet but he died later that morning.
We all couldn't stop crying for the loss of our little loved one.
I still cannot believe rats/mice could do such a thing. I'm not sure how to get rid of them because I have 3 dogs living in the house as well and one of them is an avid rat hunter.

Nov 24, 2013
I Think A Mouse Tried to Hurt My Cockatiel
by: Shelley

Nov. 24, 2013 I'm so upset.Not feeling well I fell asleep & had forgotten to turn a llght on for my Pied cockatiel "Frankie" in the living rm.(As I understand cockatiels can't see in the dark. Thankfully, I heard the commotion&ran into the living rm. I always leave his cage door open. I couldn't find him & I was SO UPSET. Then, thank God, I saw him, he was on the floor behind the liv. rm. drapes that go to the floor. He climbed on my hand & again, thank God, no visible injury but he was very nervous. I saw a small mouse a couple of weeks ago. I think if he hadn't been able to fly out of his cage, he would've been trapped inside with no away of escaping the mouse. (That's my guess anyway.) I think in the wild, a bird would attack a mouse, especially one smaller than himself but perhaps domesticated pet birds don't have that instinct. I am SO grateful he's okay. I'm going to the store 1st thing tomorrow for DeCon to place in my storage closet, as I'm quite sure that's where the mouse/mice are. The heck with being humane. I have no remorse to get rid of vermin that could hurt my little guy.I'm so sorry for those of you who have lost your birds. I looked up the topic will Mice attack my cockatiel and am so glad to have found this page!!! Frankie stayed on my shoulder for awhile but is eating and happily seems okay. I'm going to move his cage into my bedroom at night until I know the mouse problem is gone!!!!

Jun 06, 2013
Mice or Rats
by: Cynthia

I have 3 cages of birds. My Parakeets in two and my three cockatiels in the remaining one. My birds have been fluttering in the night. Last week i found a dead parakeet with a bloody face and assumed she had hit her face against the bars in the middle of the night. However, this early morning I decided to sleep for an additional hour to wake up to a dead cockatiel. The cockatiel was over 10 years old and was feeble, but her neck was a bloody mess and she was missing a leg. I found the leg across the room.

I have had a dog in the house for a few weeks that i am babysitting and thought she had caused the problem, because she had went through a barricade and had gotten into the room, but then she only ever tries to get in there when the birds are causing a commotion. I honestly believe that perhaps it is mice or rats that caused this problem. I don't believe the dog had the ability to do this damage. The neck was just horribly bloody.

Apr 20, 2013
save them before too late

Very deeply been hurted after the death of my cutie parrot.who nearly have been bitten by a rat 1 month ago.so today suddenly cutie can't able to walk and eat in late evening he died.so plz any one of u can address me the exact reason for the death.but cutie was ok & also going well,the death was sudden & shocking,so plz prevent all u r birds from all these wild mouse/rats.

Apr 15, 2013
Oh yes
by: Anonymous


I had the same thing happen to me at 2am this morning exept it was a RAT that attacked my Jenday conure badly enough to need to rush him off to the vet first thing this morning. I live on a small holding with horses so we unfortunately get rats and our South African rats are no joke (google them). Don't take it lightly they can and will if given the chance hurt or kill your birds.

Mar 20, 2013
Rats really eat small birds
by: kamran

I live next to a reserve and have three aviaries
One aviary which have cockatiels and love birds I lost 9 cockatiels and 6 love birds. One night I heard noise and went to see what happened.
I used my iPhone light. I was in shock to see more than six rats inside the aviary. There were few love birds and cockatiels on the floor. The rats on seeing the light ran out from a hole in the back timber wall. I closed that hole and removed dead birds.
Next morning I found rest of the birds dead. They have biting wounds to legs and neck areas. Now I'm
in the process of putting up metal aviaries.

Feb 11, 2013
Bird attacked
by: Anonymous

My little cockatiel just got attacked by a mouse at my aunts house and most feathers on the back of his head are gone and blood is coming from small cut below his eye :'(. He keeps shaking his head and I dont no what to do! Plz be cautious don't let this happen to ur bird :((

Editor's note: Please use this Find an Avian Vet link to find an avian vet for your bird.

Sep 19, 2012
parrot dies
by: Anonymous

I too had some blood on the top of my parrots cage. I thought the parrot got at another bird or a rat and bit it. however, I moved my cage closer to our door and one morning about a week later, my bird was found lying on the bottom of its cage. one of his feet was found at the very bottom portion of his food drop tray. I picked him up and found him cold and gone. his entire side of his face and entire stomach content was missing with traces of his flesh and blood. something attacked him through the bottom cage and tried to pull at his legs through the iron bars, as he sleeps on the bottom at nites. i did not hear a thing and wish to god that I had moved him indoors. i urge you all, if you leave your pet birdes outside make sure they are well covered at nite.

Mar 01, 2011
Will a wild mouse attack my cockatiels in their cage?
by: Linda

Hi and sorry to hear about your infestation. You do not have ONE mouse, you have several families, and the longer they breed, the more mice you will have, and they do carry disease. Yes, they are going into the bird's cages at night and tracking in all kinds of filth which will make your birds sick.

One house I lived in developed an infestation of rats. We tried humane ways and traps and none of that worked. The rats became so bold as to come out before we even went to bed to start their business. They were in and out of our bird's cages, and we had two Macaws die from sicknesses related to the filthy little creatures.

Here is what we had to do to get rid of them. They are coming in somewhere and it is either in a basement or the attic. You must find and seal any chewed holes where they are coming in FIRST. Then, you will have to use Decon which is a powerful and dangerous poison, so make sure your dogs, cats, birds or any small children DO NOT have access to where you put the bait. Our way in was the attic, so we sealed the holes with steel mesh of a heavy gauge scrwed into wall, covered with taped down steel wool. Then we put the bait in various parts of the attic. Within a few weeks, we were rat free, and there was not even any smell as the Decon dehydrates them from the inside out, so all you'll need do is clean out the bodies before they pile up too much.

The Decon is a very dangerous poison that tastes good to ALL animals and birds, so be very very careful using it. You can find it in groceries, feed stores and some hardware stores. I hated to have to use it myself, and was happy no more of my birds died after I finally realized an infestation of mice or rats is like one of roaches only the larger animals are much, much worse and much nastier. I even had pregnant females sleeping with me in the bed which was the last straw!!!

Keep us posted,

Mar 01, 2011
Mouse attack in bird cage
by: Tracie

I don't know that Dr B or anyone can tell you if the mouse is attacking the birds, because we can't watch to see, nor examine your birds to see if there are bites on the birds.

It is unlikely the mouse would attack your birds, because they don't eat birds, birds eat them. It is likely that your birds are breaking blood feathers, but only a visit to the avian vet can determine for sure where the blood is coming from if you can't tell by examining them yourselves.

What you can do, is clean up any seed left in the cage or around the cage every night before going to bed, so that there is nothing for the mice to come for. Also, leave on a nightlight by the cage, so that the birds are not blind.

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