Will missing parts of a beak regrow?

by Todd
(Canton, Ohio, USA)

I am looking at fostering maybe adopting a cockatoo from a bird rescue that was housed with a larger bird (before she came to rescue. He has the top and bottom of the beak and has been told he eats fine although most of the top and bottom beak is missing the I guess you would describe it as the middle section of each beak half. When he closes his mouth you can still see he tongue so the whole section is open and when he eats he drops quite a bit of food. Will this eventually grow back or is there a way to repair it?

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Apr 13, 2012
Will missing parts of a beak regrow?
by: Linda

There is a chance the beak will not regrow. This bird needs to be fully evaluated by an Avian Vet. If the shelter has not already had this done, ask them to do it, and you go along to ask any questions you may have. Bird needs to be handfed baby parrot handfeeding formula found here using a spoon or syringe which would be best. Ask Avian Vet for the correct size syringe and how much how often on the feedings. Ask shelter people to show you correct way to prepare the formula and how to safely feed with the syringe.If they refuse, have the Avian Vet show you because this bird will die without food. He could also be in a lot of pain.

It is important you know exactly what you are getting into BEFORE taking this bird. Also, if this shelter has not already taken this bird to an Avian Vet, they are not doing their jobs and may be a front for a scam. There are many shelters who "say" they love the birds, take them in and birds live in filthy conditions without proper medical services or food. All shelters who are on the up and up have birds examined by Avian Vets at intake. The ones who do not do this are running hell holes where the birds suffer until they mercifully die from some infection or starvation.

The shelter should pay for the Avian Vet evaluation. If they refuse, make it a contingency on you taking the bird. Also, give their information to an animal welfare agency so they can do a followup to see just who these people are.

Let us know how this goes and make sure you understand exactly how much time this bird is going to require because there is a better than good chance beak might not grow back. Bird would then have to be handfed for the rest of its very long life or die of starvation.

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Apr 13, 2012
by: Anonymous

i would think so as they do grow but slowly u can help her by hand feeding her treats and soft foods

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