Will my bird accept me?

by Lindsay

I adopted a jenday conure yesterday, my second conure after my first one passed away.
I was very excited to get him home.
but, as soon as he was back in his cage, he went crazy toward me! he began screeching incessantly, and it only got worse if i tried to sooth him by talking to him, he would get upset if i was talking at all, to him or not. (i had some phone calls and whatnot) he takes his toys and throws them against the cage towards me, hes very bite happy when i get close to his cage.

i get thats his turf. but im just wondering if anyone else has had a bird like this, and if so, what did you do to tame him and calm him down?
i have noticed hes not quite as bad this morning as he was last night, but hes still flinging his toys. and he still gets upset if i talk to him.

what should i do???