will my cockateil die if I take his mate away

by Summer petrey

I have a cage at my house with two cockateils in it one is my friends and one is mine she wants to take one of them to her house and they are really attached will they die of lonlyness or not

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Jun 15, 2010
cocktail birds
by: razaq

well if you let birds mate that is wonderful and they will be more cheerful and if they hatch chicks you could tame tthe chicks or even teach them to talk

Editor's note: Breeding birds takes experience. If you don't know what you are doing, both the parent and chicks may die. It takes time and money also. NEVER suggest someone breed their birds.

Jun 07, 2010
Separating birds
by: The Avian Vet

No, it is not likely that they will die from loneliness. However, they are probably going to scream for each other for a couple of weeks.

Dr B

Jun 07, 2010
will my cockateil die if I take his mate away
by: Linda

Cockatiels, like most parrots, do bond for life, and yes, your bird may grieve himself to death over this. I've had some experience with Cockies, and had this kind of thing happen where the female died from egg binding, and the male immediately went to bottom of cage and sat in a corner refusing to eat or drink. We had to rush out and buy another female that very day. When she was put into the cage, he got up off the floor, went to greet her and went immediately to eat and drink as he was very hungry.

MY SUGGESTION HERE IS TO BUY THIS FEMALE FROM YOUR FRIEND AND LET THEM GET ANOTHER COCKATIEL. Since the two birds are already bonded, it would be in both bird's best interests and health to keep them together or at least in adjoining cages. To keep them from mating and possibly laying eggs, I'd suggest you separate them into two cages that sit side by side when they are older, and Cockies are able to breed around 2 years old. Our female died because she was too young, and the egg was stuck, broke and killed her, so wish I'd followed my own advice back then.

SO, HAVE A TALK WITH YOUR FRIEND, AND FIND OUT WHAT COCKIES ARE SELLING FOR NOW. Offer them that amount of money so they may buy themselves another Cockatiel as taking one of these is cruel and will hurt both birds very badly. Explain to them that the birds mate for life, and if separated, both could die of the grief of being torn apart.

Have them read this letter if they do not believe you. The bird's welfare is the most important thing here, and offer them the money to buy another bird so you can keep this one with her mate.

Thanks for writing and asking such a good, caring question because a lot of people would have just separated them and not bothered to ask if it would hurt them. Thank You very much for caring, and it is your friend's responsibility to make sure their bird is also happy which means leaving it where it is with its mate.


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