Will my Senegal ever except a new baby (bird) in the house?

by Erin

Female Senegal Parrot, Libby

Female Senegal Parrot, Libby

I have a 1 1/2 year old, Female, Senegal, Libby, she is a joy to have. I am thinking about getting a second bird, a Gold cap Conure or a Caique. The second bird would have his or her own cage. Libby has meet other parrots before and she is very aggressive and does not like them, at all! Will this go on forever, or will she eventually except a new bird in the house?

Also I see on the parrot species comparison chart, in reference to noise level, Caiques are listed as moderate and Gold caps are listed as fair. So who is louder? Or, are they both too loud for an apartment?

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Nov 18, 2009
by: Erin

Thank you

Nov 17, 2009
a new baby (bird) in the house?
by: Linda

Erin, ALL the conures are going to be too loud for an apartment. The Gold Caps are extremely loud, and can be heard from a long way off. I'd recommend getting another Senegal as your bird would most likely take to it more so than any other species of bird. The Caique may work, but they are smaller birds, and I would not get a bird smaller than your Senegal.

Keep both birds in their own cages, and allow the new bird to get the feel of its new home before working with it much. It's also mandatory to take new bird to an Avian Vet before it is in the same room with your now bird. The reason for this is that most birds contract these infections either in pet stores or at breeders and under the stress of moving to new home. So, be sure to make an appointment with an Avian vet in your area for the new bird. Keep her in another room until you take to Avian vet and treat for any infections.

So, to sum up. Get another Senegal as you'll have much better luck with both of them getting along. Take new bird to Avian vet and keep in another room until you do and/or treat it for any infections/parasites, etc. Give new bird some time to relax (a week), and when both are out of cages, ALWAYS be right there to protect the new bird AND you now bird. Fights get very nasty, very quickly, so never take a chance with either of them.

Thanks for writing and keep us posted,

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