Window replacement

by Alex

Yesterday we had our windows replaced and I had my budgies in a travel cage and moved them when the noise levels were at their highest.

Afterwards I noticed the whole flat smelt strongly of chemicals and found out they had been using Trade Strength PVCU Clear made by Soudal.

I opened all the new windows in the room with the budgies and the smell appears to have faded.

I am just concerned that exposure to fumes could have harmed them.

They are acting no different apart from itiching to leave their cage as they have remained inside as workmen are due to do some plastring at some point today.

They are eating well, and vocalising as normal apart from when they appear agitated at being locked away.

Should I be worried or should I keep an eye on them and what signs should I look out for?

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Feb 09, 2013
Vent when replacing windows
by: The Avian Vet

Ventilation was the best thing to do. Keeping them out of and away from the odors was also a good idea. If the smells have mostly dissipated, then they should be OK. Symptoms to watch for include panting, open mouthed breathing, tail bobbing, and wing droop.

Dr B

Feb 08, 2013
Window replacement
by: Linda

Your birds may die from this exposure. Anytime you are having any work like this done on house, all birds have to be removed from the site until work is done and all chemicals have gassed out. What is happening right now is the glue is still gassing out even though you cannot smell it.

Workers will probably use some other kind of foul smelling product for the finishing of the job. Your birds are still being exposed to the glue because it takes anywhere from a day to a week for this kind of glue to gas out completely. Even latex paint takes 2-3 weeks to dry and gas out which means birds cannot be brought back into the house for this length of time. With the glue you are talking about, it would probably be at least 5 days and possibly more. They are in danger of death by poisoning here which could have been avoided.

I know that now is too late to tell you all this, and if your birds die, it may help you when you get anymore birds. Never keep birds in the house when any work is being done on house and this includes plumbing, latex painting, any kind of glue. It is also dangerous to have them in a house undergoing any kind of repairs whether glue is used or not. The dust from work can also kill them. If they survive this, and I'm not clear if they will or not, have them boarded out next time any work is done. Avian Vets board birds, and there are also people who board birds though you are taking a chance on your birds contracting infections unless the birds, including yours, have been previously found to be clear of all infections. This means an avian vet exam shortly before they are to be boarded with the paperwork to back it up.

I wish you the best here, and I would suggest you take your birds to be examined by an Avian Vet right away. Effects of this horrible glue can also be kidney and liver damage or failure, so have some basic bloodwork done to see how organs are functioning.


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