wing and nail clipping

by ronnie

Hello Avian Vet,
I have heard that it is best not to clip your bird's wings or cut its nails yourself because the bird will associate you with not nice things. It is best to take your bird to the vet for these procedures. What do you think?

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Jul 02, 2009
Wing Clip done wrong starts feather Picking
by: Mary (South Carolina)

Hello, I just wanted to emphasize the extreme importance of having your birds wings clipped correctly. Unfortunately here in SC there are no certified Avian vets, however we do have vets that see birds. There is a big difference. I took my Jardine in to the vet that I had been going to for her usual wing trim. The Dr. walked in to the examination room and was followed by a couple of young girls (vet techs in training, I was told)
The girls were going to do the wing clip as the Dr. watched over the procedure. I immediately got a bad feeling about this, but said nothing since I trusted the Dr.
Before the procedure even started, the Dr. received a phone call and left the room, thats when my nightmare began. The two girls in training immediately grabbed up my bird and started cutting away at her wings and before I even realized what was happining it was over and I was to late to do anything about it. When the Dr. came back in to the exam room she tried to hide the horror in her face but I saw it! They had clipped my birds wings way to short! So short her *pantiloons* were showing. That's what I call the cushiony down feathers on her backside & rump that are normally covered by her wing feathers. I voiced my concerns to the Dr.whom(having realized she messed up bigtime)only tried to cover up the mistake by saying...well...the wings are just a tad short, but not to worry because they'd grow back out. My bird was never the same after that & became a chronic feather picker.

Sep 27, 2008
Trimming Wings
by: Lisa

When I had my first quaker, I was trimming nails and it got too stressed out and she died right in my hands! Take my advice and go see an avian vet or a breeder to have it done. I learned the hard way and was in total blame on myself because of what happened!

Aug 22, 2008
Have vet clip wings and nails
by: The Vet

This is absolutely true in my opinion. Be sure to see an avian veterinarian.

Dr. B

Editors note: Many breeders clip wings and nails too, but when they make a mistake it can be fatal. We almost lost our dear bird to a bad clip from a breeder who had been clipping for years. We had to rush to a regular vet because an avian vet was over an hours drive and the regular vet almost wasn't much help either. Start with the avain vet, in my opinion.

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