Wing Clipping Surgery

Our new parrots

Our new parrots

Hello, we just purchased 2 I believe Amazon parrots that are 7 months old. We called our vet about getting their wings clipped and he asked if we want the regular clipping that we do every so often or the permanent surgery option where we will not need to clip ever.

I can't find any information about a surgery option anywhere. Do you know what this entails and would you recommend it or not?

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Apr 04, 2011
Find another vet
by: Jay

Normally, I would not post here if I agreed with the previos postings, and had nothing new to add, but... for emphasis I will post my agreement. Find another vet. There is no good reason to pinion a bird.

Apr 02, 2011
Pinioning surgery = amputation
by: The Avian Vet

I do not recommend this surgery. It is an amputation of the tip of the wing. The procedure is called pinioning.

Dr B

Apr 01, 2011
Wing Clipping Surgery
by: Linda

Okay, I'm going to give you some very good advice here, and you can take it or leave it as you will. Run, don't walk away from an Avian Vet that offers a permanent way to keep from having to clip bird's wings. Reason is that this so called surgery(butchery) will cause the birds chronic pain forever, and they will never get over it because their feathers can never grow out to relieve the pain.

Find another Avian Vet, and don't say anything to this one who suggested butchering your birds. Surgery and anesthesia are dangerous for birds, when a simple wing clipping can do the job quite nicely. Have NEW avian vet clip the 4 to 6 long primary flight feathers at the ends of each wing. There is NO need to clip up any higher because it causes chronic pain and birds fall like a rock. When only the long flight feathers at the ends of each wing are clipped, birds glide down instead of falling like a rock.

I hope you can find another avian vet, and even if it means driving a longer distance, please leave this one who suggested butchering your birds in the dust of your fast leaving.

You need to do your homework about birds in general and your Red Lored Amazons in particular. The Amazons are not normally lovely dovey cuddley little birds. All Amazons are a bit more aloof than say the Cockatoos and Macaws and even some of the smaller parrots. I have a 30+ year old pair of Red Lored's, and have had lots of Amazons as pets. These two are wild caught birds who were set up at one time for breeding though I'm not doing that as it adds to the problem and not the solution of too many parrots being in wrong and downright cruel homes.

Amazons, though independent creatures, are funny, sweet and capable of being very good companion birds so long as you respect their need for personal space. As I mentioned before, you need to do lots of study to know how to take care of these birds since parrots are not the easiest pets to choose. They are highly intelligent, deeply emotional and easily damaged physically either by poor diets or actual abuse at the hands of people who never should have kids or pets.

Thank you for writing to us BEFORE you let the Butcher get ahold of your precious birds, and write back anytime as we are always here for you and for your birds.


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