wing clipping??

by richard briggs

i live in guatemala and my parrot(red-lored amazon) is 3 mo. old. our home is open, do you think it is necessary to clip his wings. he goes out and sits in trees now but returns home always. will he fly away someday? his wings are currently clipped.

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Jul 30, 2009
Clipping bird's wings
by: The Vet

It is possible that he will fly away, one day. If something startles him and he flies, he could become disoriented and not know where home is. Allowing him outside without the ability to fly will increase his chances of being taken by a predator.

Dr B

Jul 27, 2009
clipped wings
by: Richard Briggs

Hi Linda, Thank you for taking the time to write. Paco is out only during the day. He does not have a cage but sleeps on a perch next to my bed. There are many wild parrots in this remote area where I live and Paco seems to attract a lot of company in a day. He is indigenous to this area. I was hoping the response would be, why would he want to leave when he has it this good :). I will keep his primary's trimmed to stay on the safe side.

Thank You

Richard Briggs
Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Jul 26, 2009
wing clipping
by: Linda

Hello and thanks for writing. Your bird may be staying around now because he knows he cannot fly very far. I would suggest you keep his wings clipped. Just clip the Primary feathers which are on the first row of feathers at the end or bottom of the wing(I think there are 6). Never clip up into the next line of feathers as this cripples them. They can glide down if only the Primary ones are clipped and fall heavily and can be hurt badly if the second layer or Secondary feathers are also clipped.

So, by keeping the Primary feathers clipped, he will be able to fly/hop from branch to branch but will glide to the ground if he gets more energetic with his flying.

The only problem I see with this arrangement is that birds need a cage where they feel safe especially at night, so I hope you mean he stays out some during the day and comes inside at night as it is dangerous for him to be out there all night. The other problem with being outside in branches a lot is disease and parasites from other birds. You will need to keep an eye on him and take him to an avian vet in your area if you have one at least once a year.

I have a pair of the Red-Lored Amazons, and have had them for many, many years and love them very much. They spend most of their time in their very large cage, and probably would like to be more like yours!

Thanks again for writing and best regards to you,

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