wing problem

wing problem
by: Peter

Hello DR B.

When I took the bird to the vet they did alot of test for infections and said the bird is very healthy. the vet gave me silver sulfadine 1% cream
I had to stop seeing the vet because of the lost of work and every vist was over a thousand dollars and after the fourth vist and still not getting better I felt I was being taken for a ride I have clean the area and he is eating good very active very talkative so I don't understand whats wrong. is there something over the counter I can use. I notice that when I keep his wing open the area get very dry and I keep playing with him to move his wing around and it seam like it's getting better. Thank you very much for replying to my blog I 'm just lost in the area and it's just killing me that I have this problem.

once again thank you.


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Sep 30, 2011
Continuing question about wing problem
by: Tracie

I believe you posted this about 3 days ago, and Dr B has not answered questions yet this week. Please be patient, he teaches at a university, has a practice, attends continuing education to keep up with the latest avian information and has a personal life. The fact that he answers questions here for free is amazing. :-)

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