wing trimming

by maria
(cloquet mn.)

Inquiring on when to trim. I'm a newby parrot owner of a six month old Jenday Conure. He was trimmed by breeder when I got him from petco. What should I consider when deciding when to take him for first vet trimming? Hoping he won't need to be anestisized...?

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Oct 17, 2012
When to trim wings
by: Tracie

When you see that the longest feathers on their wings have grown out, it is time for a trim. Your bird will not need to be put to sleep. Make sure you take your bird to an avian vet or an experienced breeder NOT to Petco or a dog/cat vet.

Birds have hollow bones that break easily. An inexperienced bird handler may squeeze the bird too tight if the bird squirms. An experienced bird person knows how to hold the bird and doesn't react if the bird squirms or attempts to nip them.

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