wings clipped before fledging

by Abu Abdul

dear sir our baby alexandrine about 12 weeks, and currently weaning, unfortunately with the advice of so-called pet store he clipped the wings before fledging, and due to this I believe baby is in stress and he always wants to fly and crash land, for fledging and loosing weight he is refusing feed formula, and taking very lil amount of food which he used to take a lot

Please help how to solve

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Mar 21, 2012
by: Abu Abdul

Hi Linda,

Thanks for your reply, only primary feathers were clipped and nails were trimmed, but I think it was too early to clip wings before fledging, and now the baby developed weird behavior, he is only taking citrus fruit, and boiled rice some time rusk bread and nothing else, we have offered him variety of pellets, fruits vegetables but no luck

Mar 20, 2012
wings clipped before fledging
by: Linda

If his wings were clipped up too far, he is in a lot of pain. You only need to have the 4-6 prmary flight feathers clipped, and these are the longer ones at the very ends of each wing.

Also, you are this bird's protector, so YOU say what is and is not done with him. Never take him back to that pet store and only have the feathers I mentioned clipped. Have an Avian Vet do the clipping next time if he lives through this.

Now, your bird is suffering and in pain. You will need to find an Avian Vet ONLY in your area and take him there as he is suffering pain and stress. He may also have an infection to go along with this from being taken into a pet store while so young. Baby birds do not have much of an immune system, and it is best to keep them at home or to an Avian Vet. Good Luck and I hope he lives through this.

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