winter dryness?

by timmy

I live in michigan n the weather is cold n heat is on. I myself get very dry sinuses during winter. I've noticed my sun has been itching his nose a lot. Could he be dry too?

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Dec 31, 2012
winter dryness?
by: Anonymous

I use a warm mist humidifier for my bird in the winter, and during her molts.

Keep the humidifier in the same room with the bird, but not next to the cage for safety reasons. You can actually run the humidifier all day if you choose, just be sure to watch the tank to make sure it doesn't get empty.

I have a large humidifier, I run it on low setting, and it runs a good 8-9 hrs before it needs to be refilled.

Do not use any medications, menthols, or other waxy type stuff. Just use PLAIN water in it. Adding anything to the water, or to the medication tray could kill your bird. Just PLAIN water is more than enough for your bird.

The humidifier will help your sinuses and your sons as well! win win for all!


Dec 31, 2012
winter dryness?
by: Linda

Unfortunately humidifiers can cause pneumonia in birds, so do not use in bird's room and do not use very much in another part of house.

What you can do in your bird's room that is safe and effective for putting moisture in the air is a container with rocks in it. Cover rocks with water and let evaporation do the job of putting moisure in the air.Of course, you have to replenish water and you'll want to clean container and change water every few days anyway to keep from growing fungi or harmful bacteria in the water or on the rocks.

Make sure the rocks are too big to swallow and are smooth to prevent bird from getting cut on sharps. Some smooth smaller river rocks would do, and you can find these in some pet stores who carry fish supplies. This type of moisure is safe and will not harm birds unless water is too deep, rocks are sharp, or container is made of a material a bird could bite pieces of and eat like plastic.Use stainless steel container for rocks and water to be safe. Glass can be broken so is not a good choice. Birds can drown in a small amount of water, so make sure container is not too deep.

A fish tank also works the same way, and make sure the tank has a top on it at all times to keep bird from falling in and drowning. The lights usually pretty well cover a fish tank, and fish need full spectrum light just like birds do.They make screens to put on the top and then you can put the lights on top of the screen for full protection for fish and birds. The lights can get knocked off and broken if bird flies onto them, so you may want to stick with the container of rocks and water.


Dec 30, 2012
Dry air in home with birds
by: Tracie

Yes, your bird could be dry too. You can use a humidifier for a few hours a day in your home to help with the dryness.

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