Wonderful Order Arrived

by Linda
(Limestone TN)

Rocky Eli the Red-Lored Amazon

Rocky Eli the Red-Lored Amazon

Bird's order arrived yesterday and was exactly what I needed with the expiration dates on the bread mix and oil far enough out so that we can use it all before it goes out of date. We ordered 4 packages of Harrison's Birdy Bread and 2 4oz bottles of the Sunshine Factor Organic Red Palm Oil to put in it.

Order was perfect and packed very well for a very reasonable price.

We have found a new and better place to provide our parrots with their food, and will be back for more in future.

We recommend this site and Tracie as 100% reliable and trustworthy. You will always have the very best customer service here as well as getting the finest products at reasonable prices. Thanks Tracie!!!!

Linda, Eli and Stella