wood in lovebirds wings

by Sarah

My Lovebird, Claudia takes pieces of multi-colored wood from her wooden toys, and puts them in her feathers. She somehow cuts them so they re short and skinny. Not too long after 30 min, she has maybe 6 of them in her feathers!!! What does this mean? Does she want a companion? Is she not feeling well or upset?


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Jun 22, 2011
Lovebird putting wood in wings
by: The Avian Vet

This is a female lovebird behavior. She is collecting things to put in her nest. Do not get her a mate. They will not get along and she will become aggressive to you and him. Be sure that you are feeding a good pellet diet, like Harrison's, as 80% of her diet. This will prevent any health problems when she starts laying eggs.

Dr B

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