hello there. The person i go to with my parrots is nicknamed the ''bird man'', he has worked with birds his whole life and has a house full of them but has recently been donated a place were he can begin a bird rescue, i am not sure if he is a fully licensed avian vet but he worms my birds by putting a syringe down there throats because he believes the store bought powder for water does not work. after my birds have been wormed they seem to vomit quite alot and look unhappy is this normal for this kind of worming?

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Jan 09, 2009
bird man
by: Anonymous

im not sure if he is a vet or was one but he is highly reguarded and has a great reputation in brisbane. he has birds being given to him from normal vets to help and he also does speaches and has a whole place donated to him now. I think because he just does this out of the kindness of his heart. he is a very intelligent old man and seems to know what he is doing just sometimes i wonder if his age is getting to him :S but yes he told us that it's good to get them wormed every 6 months and if they have worms they will vomit.

Jan 08, 2009
Worming pet birds
by: The Vet

Is the "bird man" even a veterinarian at all? It is very very very rare that parrots need deworming. If the medication being given is making them vomit, you need to stop giving that medication. BTW, what medication is it?

He is right in that you should not put medications into the water. If this is not a veterinarian you need to stop allowing him to treat your birds. If he is not a vet, and he has no license he is practicing medicine illegally (without a license or an education), you should not encourage this by taking your birds to him.

IF he is a vet, then you may want to find a different one, one who knows a little more about avian medicine.

Dr B

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