worms in food

by amber

I just bought food from a pet store and was wondering if worms in his food is good for him he is a blue crowned conure

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Sep 07, 2011
worms in bird food
by: Tracie

Sure, even though it is gross to us, it is just natural protein to them. This is a problem during warm weather. Even though food may be kept in cold storage, as soon as it gets in the delivery truck or warm store they eggs hatch. The eggs were laid when the grains were still in the field and it means that the farmer didn't use chemicals to kill the larvae and that is good in my opinion.

For your sake, so they don't spread in your home, I would freeze the food for a few days to kill the bugs and then feed the rest to your bird.

If you diatomacious earth (not sure of spelling) you can add a small amount to the food and that will kill the bugs too. DE is just ground shells that is a fine dust to us, but it tears holes in bugs and they basically leak fluid and die. I add this to my wild bird seed, because it may even help the wild birds with the internal worms they have, so I have read.

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